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In my “And We’re Back” post I mentioned that I hadn’t really done much whilst on my hiatus, but that is actually a lie. Looking back, I actually did quite a bit including meeting Pauline and Hamdah, seeing Tiff again and going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and eating a helluva lot of KBBQ. Here’s a quick life update for y’all including plenty of food pics, so settle in with a cuppa tea and see what I’ve been up to.


Mutay always finds the best things to do around London and if it weren’t for her I’d probably just be in my bed watching Netflix and eating a ton of Ben & Jerry’s. Not that there’s anything really wrong with that.

Barber Shop Chronicles follows different barbershops across Africa and South London, and how all of them intertwine through tales of politics, football, feuds and even a joke about a fly in a drink.

I absolutely loved this play, and the set design was amazing. I especially loved all the music and dance numbers, and the whole theatre lit up and the atmosphere was amazing. Even before the play started, the audience was already starting to get into the vibe even taking selfies in the barber chairs.

Barber Shop Chronicles returns in November at the National Theatre, so be sure to book your tickets so you don’t miss out!


Internet friends are a wonderful thing. One of my oldest internet friends is Shan, and we bonded over Harry Potter – specifically roleplaying and fanfiction. I managed to meet up with Shan one time before, and that was completely random at the airport in Amsterdam!

Anyway, we finally managed to meet up properly last June and it was so much fun. We went for dinner at Strada, where I had some delicious spaghetti bolognese. We caught up on life because it had been a couple of years since we’d properly been in touch!

Like a couple of teenagers, we popped to the corner shop for wine and cups and we chilled by South Bank. We ended up in Underbelly, which was kinda underwhelming (see what I did there) but we made the most of it – we made some random friends, drank some rubbish drinks and soaked in the vibes. At one point in the night, I remember buying a £9 hot dog, but… London, amirite?

I also got to meet up with Tiff and we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour where I also met the lovely Sarah! It was my third time doing the tour and every time it amazes me – this time around I got to visit the Forbidden Forest and there was Buckbeak and please believe my fangirl heart was very happy that day. 


I absolutely adore KBBQ. I went twice in one month. Should there be a limit on how much meat we consume? Yes, probably. But I have #noragrets. I’m always taking my friend, Sharmayne, out to discover new places to eat (because who best to go to for food recs than me, right?) and I used it as an excuse to visit Superstar BBQ again.

I mentioned in my review before that they have set menus and this time, we went for set menu 2 which also had KFC. Das right… Korean Fried Chicken, m’fuhers. Literally, everything we ate was so good and you get quite a lot for 2 people! Food coma straight after I finished eating, for sure.

I went again with my friend, Cally, and again it was literal food coma after we finished eating. I always surprise myself with the amount of food I can actually eat, sometimes. I have made plans to go KBBQ again this month ?


The more I’ve been thinking I about it, the more I definitely want to go back to university and actually do a course which I know I will get a lot out of. I’ve been saying for ages I want to do a postgraduate course in Creative Writing, but it’s only been recently I’ve seriously started my applications. Watch this space!


Hamdah moved to London for the summer, so we obviously had to meet up. We took her to Pop Brixton, an amazing place full of street food vendors. I opted for ramen from Koi Ramen, which was delicious and I was pleased with the amount of pork they put in as well. We even FaceTimed Pauline when we were there as well!

We also all met up again when Pauline came down to London and we stopped by Milk Train, a specialist ice cream shop. Does soft serve ice cream that comes floating on a cloud of candy floss sound like your sort of thing? Yes? THEN GO HERE. I went for the ‘Unicone’ which definitely looked like something a unicorn deposited – rainbow drops, sprinkles, candy floss, deliciousness!


I’ve had my old wig since November, so I thought it was definitely time to get a new one. As I’ve never had colour in my hair, real or not, I thought I’d go for something different. Honestly, I am SO pleased with the outcome and I am actually in love with my wig. Every time I look myself in the mirror I’m like, “HOT DAMN GURL FIYAH WOAH NEW WIG HU DIS?” Haha.


If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably might have seen my big ol’ thread regarding my allergic reaction I suffered last Saturday. I’m planning on writing up a post about what happened, and not to blast the company but more to raise awareness and also because the trek that I mentioned a few months ago is actually AROUND THE CORNER. If you haven’t already, please donate to my JustGiving page as I will be trekking 26.2-miles around London to raise money for Anaphylaxis Campaign! September 23rd… #amifittho?

I also mentioned that I would be doing a 30-day shred but that kinda flew out the window when I went on holiday and ate all the pasta. In all seriousness, though, I was doing quite well… just someone please give me my motivation back! I can feel the pounds piling on and it doesn’t help that I have a desk job, either.


See you in the next life update!



  • Tara

    I’ve never heard of Barber Shop Chronicles, so it’s interesting to me to learn about this play. Yay for Mutay for discovering this :3

    Yay for all the online friend meetups 😀 Those are the best, especially with ones you’ve known for a very long time! ^^ HP Studio Tour looks amazing. I should do that when I am in London!

    Woot for KBBQ! It’s so weird that I live here, but I don’t do them as often as you do! I should do so while I’m living in the KBBQ land!

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You will ace whatever postgrad programme you do, especially for creative writing! You got this, girl!

    Your new wig is awesome. The colour suits you beautifully, and I still say you look like a hawt Hollywood celebrity XD

    Of course, I remember that Twitter thread X_X I’m so glad you’re okay from it, and I give you kudos for your doing the Anaphylaxis Campaign <3

  • Pauline

    My heart is so full for you, Chynna! I loved reading this and seeing you socialise, get out there and have lots and lots of fun!! ? You deserve nothing but happiness and good vibes always ?

    Mutay is such a babe. Hamdah was telling me about how she’s really taken care of her whilst she’s down in London, I loved hearing this because I was a worried mama for ages! Now I’m super chill and confident she’s with great people! I’m so glad that Mutay has ensured you’re always doing fun thangs!! In the future when I somehow move to London, I’ll be hanging out with yall every weekend to ensure I get the full London experience 😉

    I’m still pretty bummed out that I couldn’t meet Tiff K. I will meet her soon!! 😀 I loved following your story (and Tiff’s) that time you went to Harry Potter Studio Tour. I found it awesome seeing similar snaps of two of my favourite internet frandddsss! <3 So glad you had a great time!!

    I'm still crying @ that photo I took at the ice cream place. Everytime I come across it on my phone, I zoom into that guy in the BG and crack up ? YOU LOOKING MIGHTY FINE AS ALWAYS! Thank you for accompanying us to Nandos and hanging out. I really appreciate it (and you listening to my Gymshark addiction hype, always!) ?

    Still shook at your red wig. It's fuckin beautiful. Rihanna vibes aMIRITE????

    I LOVE YOU CHYNNAAAAA!! Stay happy. Keep smiling!

  • Nancy

    It’s so cool that you’ve met a handful of internet friends by now. Hey, come back to SoCal! (Unless I scored some kind of opp to come out to London). You’re on a roll with the meetups these days!

    The barbershop chronicles sound interesting. I never knew how much could happen in a shop that a theatre act came out of it. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you’ll have a chance to go back!

    Girl, don’t get me started with Korean BBQ! Ok, I only learned about Korean Fried Chicken just last month. I need to go and try this out for myself!!! Good luck with your postgrad apps! I’ve been thinking about going as well but $$$ $$$ $$$ @___@.

    Unicone looks so cool!!!! UGH, You guys have the best food places out there. I love the purple from your wig! Girl, you rocking.

    Hope you’re feeling better now from the allergies.

  • Cat

    I haven’t heard of the Barber Shop Chronicles, but that sounds like a great play! I also love that you were able to meet up with more internet friends. It took a while for me to meet up with one of my oldest internet friends, but now we take trips together 🙂 It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun together!

    Yesss, I love Korean BBQ and Korean food in general. Also, that ice cream looks amazing. It’s so big and fluffy!

    Good luck on your postgrad applications! That’s exciting that you’ve decided to go back for it! And your new wig looks so good on you!

  • Rezina

    Yay for KBBQ! LOL at KFC, haha. Now I’m going to think about “Korean Fried Chicken” instead of the fast food chain and be disappointed when I find out that people mean KFC and not KFC whut. It also sounds like it was the season for meeting internet friends! That’s awesome. I think it’s really cool you can make these meaningful connections with people you haven’t met in person. The internet is an amazing place!

    Good luck on your postgrad journey! Creative writing sounds exciting.

    Your new wig is GORGEOUS. Every time I see a picture on Twitter, it’s like WOW HER HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL.

  • Georgie

    ? I think I forgot about the shred myself too. I feel really bad. I’m SO SORRY ?

    I’m kinda doing a shred right now, I switched my diet up a bit but I’ve had to go out so many times in the past week I’ve had more pasta than I’m allowed. It’s hard sometimes. I think that if you make enough lifestyle changes, you don’t need to restrict yourself from “bad” food as much. Because you’ll be eating healthier food most of the time, the “bad” food is just a meal or two a week, and you’ll get used to enjoying the healthier food. I feel like a shred is often just a way of helping you maintain good habits. ?

    We have a dessert cafe in Sydney called Honey Creme that has soft serve with cotton candy and other sweet condiments! Oh god it made me sick though, because lactose. But worth it that one time. LOL.

    One of my friends did a postgrad in creative writing ? He really enjoyed it. I am not sure if it helped him get a job per se (just giving you the info – don’t take it as gospel!) but he definitely learned a lot and had a great time studying it.

    I really enjoy listening to barber shop quartets! I feel like I’d like Barber Shop Chronicles ?

    I remember saying this waaaaay back, but that wig colour is rad! I loved it! ?

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