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Can you believe it’s already September?

August was pretty dope, I can’t lie. Aside from going to Barcelona, I also celebrated my 24th birthday, Mutay’s 24th birthday and went to Notting Hill Carnival. August is when legends are born. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuu~

1. I turned 24

24 is such a non-age, if you know what I mean? Still, I’m determined it the best year before I turn halfway to 50. I really do need to focus on my life goals and also find a new job. All in good time.

Celebrations started the night before, where Mutay and I met our friend Tilly at an underground nightclub in Dalston called the Alibi. As soon as it hit midnight, we were doing shots and dancing our asses off. Best night ever. We ended up in Voodoo Ray’s, a late night hangout where they sell New York-style pizza. Delicioussss.

During the day, Mutay whisked me away to OXBO Bankside, an upscale restaurant located in London Bankside Hilton hotel. Coincidentally, someone else was also celebrating their birthday. It is absolutely beautiful inside, and we were even treated to live music from a guy singing and playing his guitar.

We got to help ourselves to unlimited starters; from potato salad to prawn cocktail to sushi, it was so delicious. For our main, as it was a Sunday, we had Roasted Sirloin of Gloucestershire Beef served with Yorkshire Pudding, duck fat roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Although a little more rare than I’m used to, it was still tasty. Our meal was a bottomless brunch, so we had glass after glass of Prosecco. Tipsy and full – a great way to start 24. 

Roasted Sirloin of Gloucestershire Beef served with Yorkshire Pudding, duck fat roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables
Roasted Sirloin of Gloucestershire Beef served with Yorkshire Pudding, duck fat roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables

I didn’t really want anything for my birthday, but when Mutay asked me what I wanted I decided to ask for a MAC makeover. I don’t wear makeup except eyeliner and mascara, and the last time I wore a full face of makeup (foundation, etc) was at my cousin’s wedding and I absolutely hated it. I’d seen a few people on Instagram who had a MAC makeover, and I thought it looked like fun so Mutay happily obliged and we made our way to Covent Garden!

Thanks to Gurdeep, my face was completely transformed and I fell in love with myself. LOL. It’s great because she asked what kind of look I was going for, to which I said bold. She went for a smokey eye and did it step by step and made sure I was happy with everything that she was doing. The great thing is that you can redeem the booking fee for the makeover against MAC products, so essentially the makeover is free! I went for the fake eyelashes and lipstick, and Mutay got a blush. I also found out my foundation shade, which is great for future reference.

If you’re interested in what products Gurdeep used see here > [1.’Constructivist’ Pro Longwear Paint Pot, ‘Swiss Chocolate’ Eye Shadow, ‘Black Black’ ChromalineKohl Power Eye Pencil, No. 36 Lash, ‘Chestnut’ Lip Pencil, ‘Persistence’ Lipstick]

It was a great day spent with the best friend, and in the evening I went to visit my Lola and Lolo. My Lola got me flowers for my birthday, which were lovely 🙂

2. Foodie Adventures 101

As usual, I am always eating. 

For one of my friend’s birthday we went to Côte Brasserie. They have several branches, and we went to the one in Battersea Rise. Côte is inspired by the brasseries of Paris, championing relaxed all-day dining and serving authentic French classics made from great quality, fresh ingredients. 

The service wasn’t that great, and we had to wait ages toward the end when waiting for the bill/paying, but the food was amazing! I opted for 10oz Sirloin with frites and garlic butter and a side of creamed spinach. 

Their steaks are from 30 day aged grain fed cattle and served chargrilled with frites
Their steaks are from 30 day aged grain fed cattle and served chargrilled with frites

Would definitely go back! It was cute, as well, because my other friend mentioned it was my friend’s birthday and they bought out a souffle with a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday. Adorbs. 

After attempting to visit this absolutely atrocious place called Clutch and feeling thoroughly disgusted when we turned up (for very different reasons to what you’re probably thinking, but more on than later), Mutay and I decided to go to BIRD in Shoreditch, instead.

Love fried chicken? Great! GO VISIT BIRD, RIGHT NOW. BIRD serve free range fried chicken, which is my favourite type of chicken. I want to say we went overboard in ordering chicken, but I really have #noragrets, so whatevs. Alongside, the two portions of chicken wings we ordered, I also got a Single Bird combo: Drumstick, thigh & 2 wings with house-made glaze with fries & one of their daily doughnuts.

The different glazes we ordered for the wings were: 

  • Korean gochujang (sweet & hot)
  • Sticky soy garlic

I also got to choose a glaze for my own combo, and I went for Honey ginger. OMG. Guys. It was delicious. Absolutely amazing. Out of this world. Everything was just amazing. Crispy. Juicy. Delightful. Delectable. Warm. Hot. Spicy. Sweet. ALL OF THE MOTHEREFFING ADJECTIVES. We also had Cheesy Korean fries: American cheese sauce, house mayo, gochujang glaze. Mmmmmmhmmmmm, get down with the GET DOWN. Yassssss. ALL OF IT. IN MY BELLEH. YES.

In short, go visit BIRD and prepare to be blown away. (Also, I got a doughnut with my meal and that was 10/10 chocolatey goodness)

Now, about this place called Clutch.

UGH. Just, ugh. We didn’t even set foot inside the place because it set our skin crawling. You know how gentrification is the word on everyone’s lips nowadays, well Clutch is the epitome of gentrification. There is so much wrong here it’s hard to know where to start.

The location of it begs the question, who the fuck thought this was a good idea? Located down a side road near Hoxton station, literally planted in front of a block of council flats, did the owners really think the people who live in that area could afford over priced guilt-free, ethical fried chicken?

Fair enough, put it on the high street – that would actually make much more sense. In front of a council estate? Yeah, you’re delusional. The fact that it looked empty when we got there spoke volumes. Never setting foot in there.

3. Notting Hill Carnival

It’s become an annual thing for me, now. The past 3 years I’ve gone to Notting Hill Carnival, and really it’s all about celebrating my Caribbean roots and shaking my butt. 

The Notting Hill Carnival is an annual event that has taken place since 1966 on the streets of Notting Hill, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, England, each August over two days (the August bank holiday Monday and the preceding Sunday). It is led by members of the British West Indian community, and attracts around one million people annually, making it one of the world’s largest street festivals, and a significant event in British culture. – Wikipedia

Despite the massive amount of people, and being crushed all the time, it can still be pretty fun. Except for the part when men think it’s okay to grab you and call you ‘Jamaican spice’. Ah, fuck off. Love me a bit of jerk chicken and dumpling, though. :3


4. Ping Pong @ Bounce

Mutay’s birthday actually fell on the day of Notting Hill, a bank holiday, so we spent the majority of the day there and then ended up in a random Mexican restaurant drinking frozen daiquiris at the end of the night.

One night after work, I met up with Mutay and two other friends to play ping pong at Bounce, located in Holborn. Such a fun night! Despite having to wait until midnight for a table, it was worth the wait and we ended up playing randomly with these guys who joined our table. 

The music was popping, and the drinks were really good. We also had pizza: Smoked mozzarella, rocket leaves, smoked garlic & speck ham. 

Bounce is Europe's largest purpose built 'Social Ping Pong Club'
Bounce is Europe’s largest purpose built ‘Social Ping Pong Club’
Ladies’ Delight No.2 -- Tanqueray gin, passionfruit & cloudy apple juice, vanilla syrup & lemon juice
Ladies’ Delight No.2 — Tanqueray gin, passionfruit & cloudy apple juice, vanilla syrup & lemon juice

multitasking ?

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Would definitely visit again! It’s actually a great way to work out and also get pelted by small balls. Heh.

Other things

  • One of my friends actually came to my house the morning of my birthday and got me this awesome Sherlock card
  • I bought Mutay volume #7 of Invincible Iron Man, which features Riri Williams, a 15-year-old, black, genius MIT engineering student — who will the next Iron Man ?
  • I’ve still got the holiday blues, BUT I will be in Paris later on this month. Woo!

How was August for you?


  • Ally

    Wow, I just found your blog today off of some directory I was browsing and just wow. I love the way you write, it’s super relatable and real, plus we’re practically the same age so it’s great to see someone who’s 24 and still enjoying life and just going a little crazy! Love it!! ♥ Those fries look amazing and who doesn’t love chicken wings?! It’s 9pm here and now I’m craving the lmao. Definitely going to follow you and can’t wait to see more future posts! Happy belated birthday to you & your friends! xx

  • Tara

    Happy belated birthday!

    All those food . . . NOOOOOM. I’m hungry now, Chynna! Why you do this to me?! Seriously, the chicken is making me want some Korean yangnyeom chicken. All those meat is making crave steak, as well. Chynna, you eat so well XD

    That MAC makeover looks amaziiiiing! I love the smokey eye look! I think you already look drop dead gorgeous without make-up, but the makeover here really emphasised your eyes a lot, which is definitely your best feature!

    That ping pong . . . bar is unusual. The combination of drinking and ping pong just makes me go WUUUUUT. But it does sound like it’d be a crazy fun activity to do XD If you don’t mind balls bouncing everywhere XD

    Thanks for sharing your life happenings, Chynna! I had fun reading this entry ^_^

  • Pauline

    Happy belated birthday lovely! I loved catching up with your adventures on this blog post as well as seeing them on the day on Snapchat haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it though, it sounds like you had an absolute blast!

    Your make-up and selfies slaaaaaaayyyy! I really love how she did your make-up, it looks flawless! 😀 I wish I could just wear eyeliner and mascara but I have some horrible scars from spots that I hide with foundation, I’m so used to foundation now it sucks D: I’ve not been wearing it as much now though because I’ve been working out so it’s been a nice breather!

    As always, you have the best choices for food. I remember always going to your blog for food inspo when I was travelling to London! 😀 Everything looks delicious x_x

    Notting Hill carnival sounds amazing! They should do a Pinoy-style one too 😉

  • Georgie

    Wow you are headed to Paris soon, you are travelling so much! That is beyond awesome.

    Clutch sounds like… a bit of a dodgy place. That would make me feel really uncomfortable too. Glad you found a great place to eat though. Those cheese fries look amazing. And so delicious. 🙂

    The ping pong sounded like a lot of fun. I have never seen anything like how it looks in the photos!

    I don’t wear any makeup at all, but I wear a full face of it for weddings and other celebrations. I really hate makeup though. I think your makeover looks really good! Your eyes look really nice. I have always hated my short eyelashes and wish they were long and beautiful. I would glue fake ones on if I could be bothered haha.

  • Cat

    I just read your Barcelona entry! That looked like a beautiful city and an amazing trip 😀

    Looks like you had an awesome birthday, and you look sooo pretty in the MAC makeover photos! (Happy belated birthday, by the way!) Love how she did the smokey eye.

    Yum at the food photos! That’s too bad the service at Cote Brasserie wasn’t good, but at least the food made up for it. The photo makes me really want a steak now. BIRD looks delicious too! Fried chicken and fries are always a good combo, haha.

    You did so many fun things in August! Always cool to see all the things you’re trying and doing 😀

  • Nancy

    Waahhhh, it’s September already???? I still remember as if I just met you IRL lsat week XD.

    Happy belated birthday to you and Mutay! I love seeing the adventures you have together. I think you’re doing a good job with your life so far :’). You’re having all of the #TravelGoals and fun ;).

    WAHHhhHHH unlimited starters??? I would’ve love that! It’s definitely a great way to start out the birth year. Your makeover is on point! I love it :3. The makeup works very well!

    Ayeee, that piece of sirloin looks delish! Too bad the service wasn’t all that great :(. I hate it when they take forever to bring the check out!! I forgot ot mention, you’re #FoodGoals too ;).

    It looks like you had lots of fun at bounce! 😀

  • Rezina

    Happy belated birthday! Like you, my sister also recently turned 24.

    I’ve seen people do the MAC makeover and yours turned out really well – so pretty! All the food looks really good and also wow – a ping pong social club?? That’s really fascinating actually. I wonder how they thought of the idea, haha.

  • Amy

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your 24th birthday! I’m 24 at the start of November, and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. I swear, the years just fly by as soon as you hit 18. It only feels like two minutes since I was in sixth form!

    I feel like I need to start achieving all my goals now too. Still haven’t written a full-length novel, haha. Hopefully this year!

    Love your MAC look! I’ve never had a makeover before, but I hate people doing eye make-up for me. I blink so much! It’s great that Mutay got that for you!

    All the food looks amazing. I need to stop visiting your blog while I’m trying to diet – I could eat a roast dinner right now! Those puddings look lovely. I don’t think I’d have been able to cope with meat that rare though – I’d have to ask for it burnt!

    Notting Hill Carnival looks like a lot of fun! I’d love to go to one. We have one in Leeds, but I’ve never been, probably because I’ve worked weekends since I was 18! Glad you had a great time!

    Oh, and in reply to our comment on my blog: I don’t sell the jewellery I make because I’m convinced it will fall apart and be really embarrassing haha. I might end up giving some away though with a disclaimer about how likely it is to fall apart!

  • Becca

    Haha, tipsy and full is a great way to turn 24! Happy 24 to you Chynna! It sounds like your birthday was a lot of fun, so what a great way to celebrate! Anything bottomless is a winner for me! 😛 The food you ordered from Bird sounds right up my alley! I love wings and fries and whatever cheesey goodness is on those fries looks delicious!! This post is making me hungry!!

    That’s really cool that you could apply the money you spent on the MAC makeover towards other products. That’s a great way to find out what products work for you and try them out before you buy them!

    Bounce sounds awesome!! I’ve never heard of a ping pong bar, but it sounds like it would be so much fun! Night clubs and bars aren’t normally my scene unless I’m with a big group of people, but playing ping pong somewhere like that would be awesome!

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