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A Letter to My 16-Year Old Self

Dear Chynna,


Listen here you little punk. I’m going to be brutally honest with you because whilst other people will, you’ll most likely not listen to anyone except yourself (maybe). You’ll probably never see this (unless someone invents time travel, and I get to go back and kick your arse) but I’ll write this letter as if you will.

Right. Here goes.


Stop mopping around lamenting about the so-called drama in your life. This includes girls who are ratchet, boys who don’t know what they want and your parents. It’s been 6 years, so I’m a bit dusty on the details of what has gone on in your 16 years of living. I do, however, remember you staying up until ungodly hours talking to someone who clearly doesn’t like you in that way.

Okay, I’ll admit. If a boy were staying up late to talk to me, I would get the feeling that maybe he liked me too. Except… he’s clearly stated that he likes your friend. What are you doing?

You do realise that you have exams to revise for? You know those things called GCSEs. I suppose it doesn’t matter, now, because well you get into university. Still. Could have tried a little harder. We all know you have it in you.

Queen of Procrastinating – listen to me when I say that you can’t waste education. It is so valuable in today’s world. You’re smart. Don’t underestimate yourself.

I love you, anyway.


PS. You should dress up a little more. Don’t be so ashamed of your legs. They’re fine as they are.


  • Risë Mohr

    Happy New Year! I’m not sure I understand what you are saying or writing about. In one sense, it sounds like you are trying to get rid of the drama in your life. But what drama do you have? It also sounds like you procrastinate. Most people do. I am one of them. It’s easier to put something off till later, especially when you have no idea what you should do with the situation you are in. I wish you luck.

  • Joy

    “YOUR LIFE IS NOT THAT DRAMATIC” lol I feel that way about myself now…

    No, but I totally understand your whole letter. I did a lot of the same things when I was that age. Ugh. Teenagers.

    • chynnashley

      I look at my sister now and I’m like ‘smh, it’s not that dramatic, babe’ but you know you gotta let them make their decisions.

  • leprakhauns

    I probably wouldn’t listen to myself, but then again what teenager would listen to an older person? I don’t even know what I would tell myself, besides how important a credit score is and that everything will work out, just to follow your heart with everything.

  • Erin Nicole

    I agree with Saun (leprakhauns) I wouldn’t listen to myself. I wish I would have listened to adults but so does every person who is older than their teenage years. Lol

  • AnneMarie

    Hi Chynna!

    Yes, I am back. I started up the blog last year actually but I haven’t really started writing until late last year. It’s nice to see a familiar face. How’d you manage to find my blog?

    And I love this letter! It’s only been 3 years since I was 16 and honestly, my letter may be just as angry as yours. I think I’ll wait awhile before I decide to blast myself. It’s a refreshing experience to write such a letter though, right?

    And in response to your comment, I actually am going to try some yoga ballet bar class things. It’s this new craze around the area that I live and I managed to snag some free classes. It’s just a matter of finding time for it. 😛

    • chynnashley

      That’s awesome. Glad you’re back in the blogosphere. Many people that I used to talk to have left. I was actually on and spotted your name and wondered if it was you and it was!

      I’m definitely going to write another like this in 6 years time for my 21 year old self. It’s is rather refreshing.

      Got to love free classes! 🙂

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