When was the last time you played Monopoly?

I received an email from Joe Blogs Blogger Network inviting me to a games night hosted by them and Legal & General, with the promise of a fun night, pizza and prosecco. Who could say no?

Now, investment isn’t something that’s really in my vocabulary. The last time I actually played Monopoly was about 5 years ago at Christmas, and I distinctly remember being very pissed off because I kept losing so much money. Nevertheless, now that I’m much older, and ahem… wiser, I think I can see how Monopoly can help in my real life investments.

Luckily, this games night was filled with so much fun!

I arrived in King’s Cross, after spending a lovely day eating free ice-cream from Ben & Jerry’s and walking around Camden Market, feeling a little nervous because it was my first blogger meet since last year. I was greeted by James and given my name badge with my Twitter handle and the night’s hashtag #landggamesnight – I felt super fancy.

I was given a glass of Prosecco once I got upstairs, which dutifully got refilled over the course of the night. I swear they were trying to get us drunk, haha.

We all split up into groups of 6 to 8 to begin the game. It was fun getting to know new bloggers and also seeing familiar faces. Shoutout to the people on my table: Josie, Rishi, Sam, Lauren, and Jess!

My personal goal was to own all four stations, and I managed to do just that. But let’s be honest, I probably should have concentrated more on owning more land and buying more properties.

I didn’t lose too much money – although, I did end up in jail twice.

The night made me want to bust out my old Monopoly set, but I don’t even think we have all the pieces left nor any of the money. I love how you can get themed Monopoly now, like Doctor Who and Family Guy. Makes it so much more fun 🙂

Overall, the night was really good. Thank you to Joe Blogs Blogger Network and Legal & General for hosting such an entertaining games night!


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