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Squirrelled away on the corner of Nevada Street, stands Oliver’s Jazz Bar. Upon arriving, you might be right to assume that you’re being led into a dark alleyway and being done away with. No worries, one left turn and you’ll be led down some narrow steps into a dim yet intimate bar.

The space is split in two: one section setup with a stage and seating and the other the actual bar. It’s small but cosy, and the perfect place to sit with friends and whisper secrets about boys. (Specifically, how mind-numbingly silly they can be)

Invited by a friend, I got the chance to listen to some jazz & blues. Having never listened to much I was intrigued and with just a £5 admission fee I thought, “Why not?”

The Mousepack are a duo made up of singer, Simon Lawrence, and pianist, Matthew Eglinton. Talented is just one word to describe them. In all honesty, you should just view the video above to see what I’m on about. Singing songs from the Rat Pack era, we were all entertained throughout the whole show. At one point, we tried to convince our friend to get up and dance along to Sway. To no avail, however.

They performed a few of their own songs, as well, including “Nicholas Cage’s Nose.” That, I’ll admit, had me laughing and was probably my favourite song of the entire night. My friend sitting next to me had to hide her face because she was laughing so much. That might have been all the wine she drank, though…

For my first time listening to live jazz and blues, it was pretty fun and lively. I would definitely love to go to another show again, soon. I’ll watch what I drink, though, because then I might be tempted to join in with the singing next time.



  • Holly

    I love bars like these where you can go and listen to live music while having a drink. It’s a lot more civilized than clubbing. In Liverpool I like to go to the Cavern Club, which sounds a little like Oliver’s Jazz Bar, only the music is mainly from the 1960’s. Fortunately, that’s my favorite type of music.

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

  • Nancy

    I find it so cool how jazz bars are still around! I’m not really exposed to bars around here but all I know is that there ska is the big thing where I’m at. The duo were pretty good together; his voice and the piano are on beat together and are not out of place. Nicholas Cage’s Nose has a interested name to it XD. For some reason, the way that the song goes reminds me of The Hush Sound – Lion’s Roar (video:

    Hope you had fun 😀

  • risha

    I love live Jazz, especially when it’s in intimate little bars where everyone’s there to have a good time and enjoy the music.

    Do you know Postmodern Jukebox? I really enjoy their work and energy- they’re over in Englandia soon, and you might want to give them a looksee if they appeal/you can 🙂 x

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