January Favourites

January went by in a haze of brokeness, post-Christmas blues and feeling a fat lump because I ate too much. Doesn’t the winter make you want to hibernate and do nothing else? The way London is moving these days, as well, I actually can’t deal and I need a sun holiday ASAP. (Does anyone want to buy me a ticket? Anyone?)

Did anyone feel like January is always the longest? “What day is it?” “January 74th.” Wheeew. Despite the longness of January, let’s move onto some of my favourites of the month!

Notebook Therapy

I love stationery. I have tons of notebooks, coloured pens, pencils, coloured pencils, everything and I must admit it is a bit ridiculous but I can’t get enough. I don’t remember how I found out about Notebook Therapy but their site had me wanting to buy everything on it. 

In the end, I settled for their star sign collection and now I’m practising bullet journaling. Don’t ask me how long this phase will last (I’ll be the first to admit that I get hyped about things and then I get too tired) but I hope it actually works out. I tried out weekly spreads but realised monthly spreads are better for me. I’ll be using in conjunction with my Trigg planner, so I feel extra organised.

Trigg Planner

Speaking of Trigg planner, I am absolutely loving mine. I did mention before that it was a bit daunting because there’s so much in there, but now that I’m in the flow I can’t get enough! I just love that it’s split into sections that really allow you to focus on what you want to focus on and each month has different intentions. So, January’s intention was ”, and my planner really helped me to hone in on that.


Tara was kind enough to share with me her library of eBooks, so I’ve been having fun delving in there and trying to reach my book target for this year! I started reading Animorphs, and I’m also rereading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I have an eReader, but I haven’t used it in ages. I don’t even know where it is, to be honest, but I have the Kindle app on my phone, so I can read on my journeys to work.

Say Your Mind Podcast

Say Your Mind, unofficially known as Suck Your Mum, is a podcast by the amazing Kelechi Okafor. She gives her unique take on current events and it is giving me life. I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, but this one has me looking forward to tuning in on Mondays. I must say, though, that listening to this on the bus is HARD because most times I want to start jumping up and hollering or cackle like a mad woman because Kelechi is so funny and relatable.  

My wig gets snatched every time I listen to a new episode. Kelechi is witty, insightful and just a baby girl. I love this podcast because it is unfiltered and people need to be slapped with the truth, let’s face it. She gives me so much Monday motivation and I love that she reads out tarot cards on her show, too. When she explains the meaning behind the card that she’s pulled I am genuinely like: 

Korean Dramas

This was inevitably going to be on this list because if you follow me on Twitter then YOU SHOULD KNOW ALREADY. January dramas included:

  • Goblin
  • I Am Not A Robot
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • Cheese In The Trap (still watching)
  • A Korean Odyssey (still watching)

I won’t go into too much otherwise this post will go from 0 – ? real quick and let’s face it I’m sure the majority of you won’t stick around for that. But to boil it down, I’ve basically been in my feelings the whole of January. There’s nothing like coming home, eating dinner and then throwing on my onesie on and snuggling in with a drama. NOTHING LIKE IT.

What are some of your January favourites? 


  • Eena

    January flew by really quickly, to be honest! Glad to hear you got back into reading – it’s a goal of mine this year but I’m failing miserably.

    I LOVE YOUR NOTEBOOKS! Girl, I hoard my notebooks and planners like there’s no tomorrow! I stopped bullet journaling though but I hope to get back into it this year again.

    Are you big on pens as you are with notebooks? If so, check out uniball sign’s 0.28 pens on Amazon – they’re perfect for bullet journaling 😀

  • Ankita

    Kpop and kdramas are like a black hole, they just suck you into it with no chance to escape haha! I need to check out trigg planner and the podcast you suggested!
    Hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s week <3

  • Amy

    I feel like one of the only people who thought January went quite quickly. I definitely had a more productive January than last year, anyway. I agree about being broke all month though. Pay day was the best!

    I love hearing about people’s favourites. It’s so nice to see what people are enjoying and I’ve got so many great recommendations from posts like this. Some of my favourite posts to read!

    I love your Notebook Therapy journal – it’s so pretty! I’ve not got into bullet journalling, but so many people recommend doing it. I think it’s great that you can make it so personal, as a lot of ready-done planners have sections I don’t use. Good luck sticking with it!

    I’ve loved reading this month too! I’m trying to buy less physical books and switch to ebooks, but it’s so difficult. The Kindle app is great though – I love that you can switch between devices and it remembers what page you’re on. Yes!

    Hope February goes well for you!

  • Katy

    Good luck with your bullet journalling! I would love to give it a try, but I’m just not that creative! Yours looks great so far, and the notebook itself is stunning – I’m a big fan of star / space things at the moment!
    I’m looking for new podcasts to listen to, so Say Your Mind will be top of my list. The tarot reading sounds very interesting.
    Hope you’re having a lovely February so far!

  • Nancy

    I feel the same way about January! I ate so much that my body has been craving for food! Girl, I am the same when it comes to stationery. COLLECT ALL OF IT!

    You’ve been rocking with your bullet journaling! Glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying your planner :). This is the first year I’m ditching the physical one for a digital one o. Tara is a sweetheart for sharing her eBook library!

    Haha that unofficial podcast name is hilarious! I always love hearing some good motivational talks!

    You’re killing it with the K-Dramas!

  • Pauline

    I remember trying bullet journalling back in 2016, I loved it for a couple of months but hated how I became increasingly obsessed by how it looked. Now I’m all about functionality, that’s why I use digital tools to make the whole journalling thing easier!

    That’s so lovely of Tara to send you some free eBooks – that’s reminded me to kick start myself into reading again. I read one book in January and loved it so much to the point I don’t want to read anything else lmao!

    Hope you are having a great Feb so far!

    • Chynna

      I’m trying not to get too sucked in with how it looks because I’m a sucker for perfection when it comes to stuff like this. So far, so good, though!

      Gurl, yesss – read all the books, increase your knowledge, hit em with them fire facts!

  • Cat

    Oh man, yes, winter totally makes me want to hibernate and be as lazy as possible. I feel like that was most of my January.

    I’m always amazed when people show their bullet journal because the pages look so nice. Yours looks so clean and organized! I also love the cover of the notebook you chose. I’m glad the Trigg planner is working well for you too!

    I like the feel of having a physical book, but eBooks are just so convenient. It’s nice to have a bunch stored on your phone, tablet, or eReader! Sounds like this is a good way to reach your reading goal too 🙂

    I’ve been seeing your kdrama tweets, and it makes me feel like I need to be watching them too, haha. One of these days, I’ll get around to them. I hope February is feeling better than January so far!

    • Chynna

      Thank you so much, Cat!

      I’ve only recently gotten into ebooks after realising how much more practical they are but yeah you can’t beat the feeling of a physical book, for me!

      Haha, I love that! I’ve had a few people saying they want to start watching and I’m like YAAASSS JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY OF FEELS!

  • Rezina

    I totally feel you when I feel like January went on forever and now February is almost over! I like the new layout by the way! Although I don’t know how “new” it is… since I feel like I haven’t visited blogs in the entire month of February… haha

    This is my first time hearing about Notebook Therapy but notebooks and stationary and all the other stuff is sooo great, haha. I’m also obsessed these days! I’m also trying to do bullet journaling and it feels nice to write some reflective thoughts. And I love planners! Especially writing down lists and then getting to cross things off as you finish them xD

    And I’ve mentioned this multiple times but I LOOVEE your K-drama thread on Twitter.

    • Chynna

      Thank you! I think I’ve had this layout since the beginning of the year, but it took me ages to decide on a new theme! Haha.

      Yaasss, although my thread hasn’t been as active I’m still at it 😀

  • Devamsha

    Ironically as I read your post as we’re now nearing the end of February, I still totally relate to how long January lasted. Every time I think back to something I did last month I’m like ‘wait.. was that actually in January? Surely I did that in 1976’.

    That Trigg planner sounds so cool, I think I may actually invest in one! And I’m loving your notebook designs they’re so clean – my bestie is obsessed with doing those too and I am forever in awe at how neat she can be!

    I totally get what you mean. I definitely smashed through a few months worth of TV in January, it was just so cold that being cosy was the only way. Hope your Feb has been lovely chicks!

    • Chynna

      ‘wait.. was that actually in January? Surely I did that in 1976’. LOOL! Exactly that.

      Thank you! There’s something therapeutic about planning out my journal 🙂 Hope your Feb was lovely too xx

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