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I always seem to write about eating out but I never talk about my second love when it comes to food – cooking! Just like writing, cooking for me is very therapeutic and I find so much joy in chopping, stirring and taste testing. Especially the taste testing. ?

I’ve been trying out new recipes recently, especially with my meal prep. I look forward to the end of the week and trying out a new recipe. My kitchen is always smelling good every week!

On the hunt to try something new, I remembered that I had a SimplyCook account and I thought, “Let me give them another go!”

SimplyCook is a recipe box subscription service where you combine their kits with fresh ingredients by following their easy-to-follow recipes. You can try out a £3 trial box over on their site and you get to choose which recipes you want to try out.

I opted for: jambalaya, beef stroganoff, bokkeumbap and lamb keema. I decided to go ahead and try the jambalaya recipe first and I can safely say, I didn’t burn anything! ?

The recipe is the simplest thing I’ve followed. Where SimplyCook cuts out you having to source all the seasoning and spices, you have fewer steps to follow. Each pot in the kit adds to the flavour of the dish and this dish has flavour packed into every aspect of it!

From the moment I used the cajun seasoning on the chicken and prawns, the kitchen was filled with a heavenly aroma. I had to restrain myself from picking at the chicken and prawns when I set them to the side. It was very hard, I’m telling you…

The whole dish took me about a half hour to make not including prepping time for cutting the ingredients, although to be fair that didn’t take me too long either. The recipe serves 2, so I doubled the amount as I was cooking for the family  – I have to ensure everyone gets fed. ? I found the pots still stretched despite me doubling the number of ingredients I was putting in, which was very good.

Overall: this was a tasty and filling meal! The chorizo adds to the spiciness, but not too much that it blows your brains out. You can taste the celery, which I was a bit sceptical about, but it adds to the flavour nicely alongside the green pepper. Also, the use of chicken thighs instead of the breast is a game changer because thighs are much juicier.

I loved that it was easy to make and so delicious – will definitely be looking to make this again!

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