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Interning and Dating

Hello, my name is... Intern | Interning and DatingI consider myself very lucky to be in a job that I not only like, but in a field that I actually studied at university. All this was thanks to the first ever internship I did.

As some of my readers might know, I interned at a place called Mutual Media from October 2013. I recently finished that internship to move on to a full time job at Move Digital, and I can honestly say I will miss that place. Not only was I paid at this internship, I also learnt many valuable lessons.

Most internships you’ll come across in the UK aren’t paid for 3 months, and even then there’s no guarantee of a proper job. It kind of sucks, but I think they’re bringing in a law where you can only intern without being paid for 4 weeks and then you either have the job or you’re out. Whilst you do get the experience, not getting paid does take its toll on you.

Thankfully, Mutual Media did pay me and whilst it was just minimum wage, it did let me glide by… just about.

I learnt more about the working world whilst at MM, and I learnt more about advertising than I ever thought I would. I worked with some cool people and made some pretty good connections. I even managed to use some of them when I first started at Move Digital, which has helped me a lot and probably is what helped me to secure this permanent job in the first place.

Internships are useful if you’ve just finished university and don’t know what you want to do. They help give you an insight into the working world, whilst also helping you decide whether that place is where you want to end up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get into when I finished university, which is why I ended up in Primark when I finished. It was pure luck that I even found MM, but I have never stopped being grateful.

I ‘m not in a position to say whether interning is for everyone, but it has definitely helped me.

I also mentioned on Twitter a couple of weeks back that I quit OkCupid. It’s partially because I can’t be bothered and partially because none of the dates I went on ever went anywhere. Plus dating is kind of expensive. We’re in a world now where you can’t just reply on the guy to pay for everything – you gots to be your own woman!

I don’t know, but OkCupid is kind of successful. I suppose if you keep at it, you will eventually find someone who is compatible with you. However, I’m lazy and I’ve become super busy as of late with work and catching up with friends. Honestly, dating/having a boyfriend/boo thang isn’t even a priority right now. I just want to be free to do what I want and meet new people, and go travelling, etc. etc. You know the generic thing all 20-somethings say.

Lets just say that OkCupid will get you a proper date more than Tinder ever will. I’ve never used that app, and I kind of hate it. It’s such a nasty blight on today’s society. People are looking for connection, but you’re never going to find it on Tinder where people are just looking for the closest person to fuck. I’m just being real here.

Tinder | Interning and Dating

With the rise of online dating apps, it has opened up young people’s options to choose who they want to date it; but it also does hinder them in finding a “meaningful” relationship. People can be so quick ditch someone if they find someone who has a higher percentage match with them than to the person they were previously speaking to. You can speak to 6 different people at the same time, but what are you really getting out of it?

I guess it is hard to meet new people once you’ve finished university. You can go clubbing, but that’s just like Tinder IRL with whoever you hook up with most likely just looking for a quick one night stand. There are bars, but that could end up the same way as clubbing. There are always loads of clubs you can join or even the gym, but in this day and age everybody is just so busy.

I feel like we’re trying to hard to make connections with everyone that we’re not stopping to just take some time for ourselves. It’s not everyday try and find a man/woman. Sometimes, you just got sit down and breathe.


  • Amy

    Wow, that’s great that you have a full-time job now. I started applying everywhere before I’d even finished my degree and didn’t get anything back. It’s so hard to get a job in what you want to do after university – a few of my friends have been applying as ‘recruitment agents’ as it’s pretty much the main career for a graduate apparently. Personally I think people shouldn’t give up on their “dream job” so quickly. So what if you have to be an intern for free for a while – if it’s what you want to do then why not?? It’s great that they paid you for your internship – you’re so lucky! I need to start thinking about jobs soon. Scary times!

    It must be incredibly hard to meet people after education, because you’re not forced into an environment where you know people are safe (to a point anyway). I met my boyfriend in high school, so I knew him anyway. None of the awkward getting to know you stuff. Or none of the awkward chat-up lines of OKCupid hahaha. Are you missing those yet?? I think if you stop looking you’ll find someone. Make the most of not being tied down to someone for the moment! Free time and you don’t have to spend money on birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day!


  • Holly

    I think internships are a great idea, and reading about your experience just shows how valuable they can be . I just wish I could find one related to geography. It’s such a difficult subject to find any work experience for.

    I’m sorry to hear that your experience of online dating wasn’t so great. I think dating is one of those things. Once you stop trying something great will come along. I’m sure of it. 🙂

  • Nancy

    It is great that you’re in a job that you like and studied for! It definitely helps strengthening the skills you want to use (instead of cooking, haha). I think that law of limiting how long unpaid internships can last is good. It forces these businesses not to “use” their interns and have to pay them after a month.

    I can imagine going on dates being expensive. Every time we go out, our meal ends up being over $25 ;x. Definitely never rely on the guy to pay. They’ll go broke and won’t be able to do their own things XD. Eventually, you’ll find that guy you can stick to. I mean you’re out at the job so you got some outside exposure vs being at home all the time. You have a point about the *dark* side of meeting dates online. Heck, there’s even coffee shops!

  • AnneMarie

    I love reading about your internship life. I’ve already done a few but I hope to do a few more before I graduate next year. I’m crossing my fingers that the connections I’ve made will lead me to a steady job that (1) I love and (2) gets me paid so I can make a decent living and work my way up.

    I’ve never tried OKCupid but I admit, I’ve been on Tinder. I actually met up with a few matches this past month…and well, I’m kind of seeing someone right now because of it? I don’t know where it’s going but I’m rather shocked. It’s a bummer I’ll be out of town the next three or so months starting next week though so that’s why I’m saying it may not go anywhere.

    But I feel you. These online dating apps seem far-fetched. I know that it’s worked for some people but I can’t imagine it working for me.

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