Inspire Me Korea | Part 1


I hope everyone is well 🙂 I’m really excited about this post because I actually decided to shoot a vlog for it. I haven’t done a vlog in ages – as in speaking in front of a camera – so, I thought I’d do a review of one of the Inspire Me Korea boxes I received. 

I just need everyone to know that I freaking LOVE Inspire Me Korea. I’ve had two boxes, so far, and I’ve loved all the things that I received in them. Choco-pie’s are my jam 😉

Inspire Me Korea:
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Prices start from £13.99 and you can different boxes: Guy, Girl & Unisex!

This is only part 1, so I will actually be writing another post on the other box I got! This is the Acai Berry mask I mentioned in the vlog, above. Feeling myself because I look hella cute in the video.

I am such a nerd in videos, haha. 


  • Shayne

    I hate the word moist, too! Haha! I don’t know that InspireMeKorea is available to the USA. I love anything and anyone who comes from Korea. I’m thinking I’m just overdue for a visit.

  • Amy

    Loved the Vlog! I’ve got vlogging as one of my New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve been successful in avoiding it so far. Your post has inspired me, however, so maybe I’ll actually do it at some point (then probably delete it forever).

    The Inspire Me Korea boxes look great. I’m always wary of subscription boxes because you can end up with a lot of items you don’t want, but everything in this looks amazing. It’s a shame about the nuts though! They should have nuts as optional.

  • Merrybeth

    The vlog was perfect! I remember you posting a picture of the mask on (I think) Instagram or maybe Snapchat or something and I was wondering where you had gotten it from. I was like “man I could’ve sworn she wasn’t in Asia” LOL. I should definitely get into them, they seem really cool. I’m not normally into subscription services mostly because I always get scared that I’ll end up getting products I wouldn’t want or never use (more often than I’d think), but some of them (including this!) seems really fun to get into haha.

  • Tara

    Ahhahahaha~! Choco pies! Those things are here everywhere. Girl, you need to come to Korea. Save your money and come here!

    And that mask . . . hahahaha! I love how it makes anyone look weird XD

  • Nancy

    I am loving your vlog! It’s pretty cool to see the goodies in Inspire Me Korea. I have a similar face mask, but in pomegranate XD. Would you ever try the facial mask in snail flavor?! That’s a thing @___@. The snacks look delicious! I don’t blame you for loving the Choco-pie’s ;).

    Hope this box inspired you to go visit Korea or buy more Korean goodies ;D

  • Cat

    That looks like a great subscription box! I like how it has a variety of items, though too bad about receiving a couple things you couldn’t eat due to allergies =/ The other things look good though, and I like the cute stickers. I’m glad you like the boxes overall!

  • Michelle

    I am virtually the worst female in the planet or on it? I can’t decide because I don’t care that much for skin regimens and I feel bad because I cannot relate or feel anything towards it, but that aside, your vlog was cute ^^ Your voice was loud and you presented the products nicely!

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