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In The Spotlight: Yasmin Natasha

I had the pleasure of working alongside Yasmin whilst interning at Mutual Media, two years ago. She’s honestly one of the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and I’m so glad her career is taking off. I thought it would be nice to do a little interview with her, so everyone else can get to know the woman behind the saxophone 🙂

Who are your musical inspirations?
My musical inspirations totally vary, but for sax: Maceo Parker (Soul Power 74′), John ‘Fathead’ Newman (Ray Charles) – I love the upbeat jazz rants that they go on with the sax!

For songwriting: Jimmy Cliff, Buddy Holly, Four Seasons, Ken Boothe, Hopeton Lewis, Paul Simon, Amy Winehouse, Bee Gees, Paolo Nutini, Jack Johnson – generally anything that makes me think of palm trees & white sandy beaches 😉

If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?
Paolo Nutini because his music is perfect for brass and I am deeply in love with his music. Jack Johnson – I’d love to work with him, he has the good artist lifestyle and stays out of the press/glam side. I’d love to pick his brain and get him to teach me how to surf! Plus I’d love to put sax on his tracks.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?
I would be very rich! Being in love with music has got in the way of earning good money. I have been offered jobs with great salaries but turned them down or not given the interviews 100%. Anything my heart isn’t in, I just can’t commit to. I think I would be owning my own coffee shop – I like to work for something I have created 🙂

Tell us your hidden talents!
I used to be a squash player for Dorset, I can play the clarinet & write poetry 🙂

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Don’t run before you can walk – my father.

What’s your motto in life?
Everything happens for a reason – this is so true, and I follow it like a religion. It gives me hope for when things seem unfair or unjust, and greedy people get it all. But this motto stays with me and puts everything into perspective knowing that there’s a time for everyone to have their recognition, big or small.

What is your favourite song to belt out in a bar/in the car/at karaoke?
Paper Planes by MIA. I find it hard to sing covers, this song with Clash ‘Straight To Hell’ sampled, is a song I always sing to in the car or at a Karaoke! It just is such a great song and MIA sings/raps it beautifully. It’s the perfect key and I also blare out the sax to it too!

Explain your music in 5 words.
Sunshine – Happiness – Simple – Catchy

What can we expect from you in the future?
I hope to become a full-time saxophonist 5-6 nights a week and develop my songs in becoming a front lady: saxophonist, singer-songwriter. I would like to support artists such as Jack Bugg, upcoming artist Johnny Lucas, and anyone who is down to Earth & professional. I like to work with like-minded people, the energy is infectious!

And last but not least, what happens when you get ‘scared half to death’ twice?
Haha – totes Googled this:

  1. Moby Rick Wales: Getting scared half to death twice means the second time you went halfway from half to death, or 3/4 of the way there. If it happens again, you‘re halfway from there to death, and so on.

Check out Yasmin’s tunes on Soundcloud and YouTube. Her single ‘Falling For You’ is now available on iTunes!

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  • Tara

    Oh, this was a nice post! Thanks for introducing us to Yasmin Natasha. I especially like the fact that she’s a saxophonist! I played the alto saxophone when I was in my high school band 😀 I wish her luck in furthering her musical career! ^^

    • Yasmin Natasha

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Almost there with doing what I love full time, it’s long, hard and tiring but I love to help others along the way. I believe the dog-eat-dog world only exists because people aren’t nurtured with the right concepts. If you ever want to get in touch about anything, give me a shout 😉

      Best wishes,
      Yas x

  • Amy

    Wow, what a great musician. I’d love to have a career doing something I loved. Hopefully one day! Great post.

    And Paper Planes by MIA is a great song!

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