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How to Deal with Heartbreak

I honestly have no clue. Why am I even writing this post? Oh yes. Because for the second time in my 20 years of existence I got my heart broken, and I wasn’t even in a relationship. It sucks really. Actually, it more than sucks. There are no words for what I’m feeling right now except maybe hurt, angry and broken. I have a few tips with how to deal with it, though. You’d think because I have these tips I could totally be fine with having my heart broken. Again. You’re wrong. Oh so, wrong.

1. Don’t think you can get over it just like that

It will takes months, maybe even years to get over heartbreak. Don’t expect to get over the person the next day because if you force it, it will just make it worse. If you could turn off feelings, I would be all up on that but alas you can’t. If you do find yourself getting over the person in a few days then, well obviously, you weren’t really into them. Sorry.

2. Don’t attempt to get over them by getting with someone else

Because at the end of the day you’ll just feel like a dickhead. 1. You’re using the person you’re getting with. 2. The person isn’t really going to care, to be honest. 3. You’ll just keep thinking, “What have I done?!” and just feel like absolute sh*t. Plus that person you’re using might end up liking you and well, that’s always a sticky situation.

3. Surround yourself with friends

Your friends will always be there for you no matter (unless they aren’t, then they’re sh*tty friends). If you have the right friends they will try their best to cheer you up. Even if you don’t want to tell them what happened, it’s always best to hang out with friends and have a laugh rather than be at home moping around by yourself.

4. Watch YouTube videos of cute kittens

There’s need be no explanation. Or alternatively, watch BriBryontour. “We’re Irish boys, so make some noise. We don’t do tans ’cause freckles get the ladies. We like making hairy babies.”

5. Write down all your feelings in a diary

You don’t have to make public what you’re feeling but instead write down all your emotions into a diary. You might still feel a little upset about the situation but at least you’ve written it somewhere and you might feel a weight lift off your shoulder if you felt that you couldn’t tell someone about it. A diary is always a good thing to keep, just make sure no-one reads it. Duh.

6. Distract yourself

Whether this be by taking up an arts and crafts project or throwing yourself into schoolwork, it’s always best to keep active so that you’re not moping around and not getting on with your life. See the thing is, if you’re stuck in that moping stage then the person who broke your heart has ‘won’ in a way. They still have a hold on your life and that’s never a good thing.

7. Write a song

You can be like the next Taylor Swift. Except, you’ll probably learn from your mistakes and not jump onto the next available dick (Did you hear she’s with Ed Sheeran now? Jesus, that woman) If you’re good at writing songs, you can always pour your feelings into one. It’s like the writing in a diary thing except add music. Tada!

8. Comfort eat

Just don’t eat so much that you get fat. But it’s always nice to get a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and curl up into a ball and watch sappy romantic films for one day. Make that several days in the week. What? Ben & Jerry’s is good.  :3

9. Don’t attempt to contact them if they haven’t contacted you

Don’t be one of those clingy people and send dozens of messages to the person everyday like, “WHYYYYY?!” and “WHAT DID I DO WRONG?” It just makes you look pathetic, really. Don’t come across as desperate. Get control of your life. If anything, if you’re friends with them on Facebook restrict their arse or delete them because you might find yourself stalking their profile at any given moment.

10. Silence is powerful.

Did they hurt you bad? Like, real bad? Are they trying to talk to you like nothing happened? Give them silence. Don’t let them know how you’re doing until one day you pop up on their FB newsfeed/Twitter timeline and you’re looking like you’re having the time of your life with a big fat grin on your face. They deserve nothing for breaking your heart. Nothing.

Happy March, everybody.


  • Nancy

    Dealing with heart breaks isn’t an easy thing to do. I’m sorry to hear that you got your heart broken again :c. But hey, it takes time to recover and I hope this recovery will be short-lived :).

    All of these tips are extremely helpful. If only people actually follow them. The best thing to do with coping with a heart break is to distract yourself. When you’re thinking about other things, those heart break feelings. Control is one of the most important factors because this is your life. So take charge!!

    I definitely need to read your new spoils 🙂

    Take care!

  • Ashley

    I am so sorry to hear that you have had your heart broken yet again. It really sucks, I know.

    Although, I would like to say that you have some helpful advice. This is a really good and informative list that would could use if even they are simply down either. I must agree, cute kitten videos are sooo adorable and I believe can cheer just about anyone up!

  • Merii-Beth

    “If you could turn off feelings, I’d be all up on that” LOL you’re too funny, but at the same time this is so true! I’m sorry to hear about your heart break though 🙁 Just stay strong, I’m always here for you too if anything! Whoever he is, I’ll kill him if you need me too 😉

    All of the points you’ve mentioned are true too. I definitely learned when I made the mistake of doing number two; getting over someone by dating someone else. Let’s just say it ended up being one after another and it wasn’t a pretty picture at all. I learned from it though!

    And thank you for the comment on my layout 🙂 You’re so right, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is beaaautiful.
    And yeah I’m pretty sure I like fractured my wrist after all that bowling. But thankfully I didn’t fall! And yes there were Hello Kitty things, it’s a nail set, it’s so cute! And well I hope you’re break, reading week or whatever it is LOL will be fun and not solely on university work because that’d actually suck!

    I watched the video, it’s so cute! Aha. I’m on my way to read your new Chynna Spoils now!

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