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High Line SchMighLine

Another post in the New York travels pipeline! This time we went to the High Line.

In case you didn’t know, the High Line is a 1.45-mile-long New York City linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. You get amazing views whilst walking along, and there is some awesome art by different artists.

Before we got to the High Line, we went to a cinema in Brooklyn and finally got to watch the Avengers! We actually waited until we got to America to watch it and it was honestly worth the wait. We even had hecklers in the cinema shouting, “Deez nuts!” throughout the film, but hey ho. Please explain to me why a small Cola is the same size as my head?!

After watching the Avengers, we headed over to the High Line. We stopped over at the Sugar Factory, a restaurant that specialises in smoking cocktails. Unfortunately, because Mutay forgot her ID we weren’t able to get any alcoholic drinks, but we did get food. I ordered the popcorn shrimp and The Sugar Factory Club – Roasted Turkey Breast, Crispy Bacon, Shredded Romaine Lettuce Avocado, Vine Ripened Tomatoes and Herb Mayo on Toasted White Bread.

Whilst very delicious, it was quite pricey. I definitely wouldn’t pay as much as I did for all that I got. Why was the starter the same price as the main?

Filled up we ascended the stairs to visit the High Line.  It is honestly really relaxing walking along the High Line. The views are amazing and it is so peaceful. I loved all the art we came across, and even the pretty flowers we discovered. All the graffiti is amazing, too.

Not much happened after that, we popped into McDonalds, somehow ended up in Times Square and then headed home.

Staten Island

The next day, we decided to head over to Staten Island, mainly because we didn’t know what else to do and the ferry is free to get there. You can get some really good views of the New York skyline if you get to the window first. The number of people crowding around the open window and trying to take pictures can put you off. Still, I managed to get some pictures.

Once we arrived at Staten Island, we had no idea where we were going. We ended up walking all the way around and then after exhausting ourselves, we found ourselves at Staten Island Museum. Staten Island Museum is Staten Island’s oldest cultural institution and it houses artefacts and specimens from ancient to contemporary periods. There are three main collections: Natural Sciences, Fine Art, and History Archives & Library.

It was really interesting finding out about all botanical, biological, anthropological and mineral specimens, as well as Staten Island’s history including the Lenape: The first Staten Islanders.

The lady on reception was kind enough to send us in the direction of points of interest on Staten Island, including Borough Hall and St. George Theatre. These places are completely free to visit, you just have to pass security for Borough Hall.

Borough Hall boasts 6 x 13 foot murals that allow you to take a walk through history. There are a series of Depression Era bas-reliefs and murals, and they are extremely fascinating to look at. St. George Theatre is also very beautiful and I love the interior design, winding staircases and oversized chandeliers.

We headed back to the terminal and got the ferry back to the mainland.

We decided to head to Korea Town to see if we could find some decent Korean BBQ, something we had be craving for the longest time. I had never had KBBQ before then, so I was really excited. Every time I watch Korean dramas, the food looks so delicious and when they show KBBQ I start drooling like a muhfuh.

After much traipsing around, we finally settled on Kang Ho Dong Baekjong.

Best. Choice. Ever.

We ordered the beef combo: thinly sliced brisket & seasoned prime short rib & choice of prime boneless short rib or prime rib eye. It also comes with either beef brisket soybean paste stew or kimchi stew; we opted for the kimchi stew. There is also steamed egg, corn cheese & mushroom, onion, sweet potato and kimchi. We also had special soy sauce and salad, which was refilled dutifully throughout our meal.


Honestly, I’m hungry just writing about this. I will definitely be writing a post about this place for the Food Diaries, so watch out for it! Whilst eating, I received a text from cousin who offered to take us out on the town that night. After finishing up our KBBQ and feeling like rightful fatties, we headed back home to get ready to go out.

I’ve actually forgotten what the name of the first bar we went to was called, but it was pretty chill. The drinks were so strong. The Long Island Iced Teas in LDN ain’t got nothing on the ones in NY – dayum! The music was quite good, too.

Our last stop of the night was Webster Hall. Ladies got in for free! What an experience it was. The amount of people that were doing the most shenanigans had me and Mutay laughing our arses off. Our favourite was the guy who literally danced like noone was watching. We witnessed synchronised dancing, break dancing and sexy dancing. It was so much fun. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find a video of one the guys dancing. New York styling <3

Afterwards, we persuaded my incredulous cousin to buy us “street meat”. It was actually so yummy – I have no idea why he questioned us so much as to whether we wanted it or not.



  • Amy

    Oh wow! This is a such a great trip. The food looks good though, shame about the price 🙁 I also don’t understand how a small is like an XXLrg… I could never finish it…

    The KBBQ looks so yum! I haven’t had one in AGES. Am really craving it now!

    • Chynna

      Thanks! It was amazingly fun 😀 You should have some KBBQ! You live in London, right? Do you have any suggestions for good KBBQ?

  • Jamie

    Sounds like you had a blast on your trip. I’ve never been to New York or to Staten Island. Hopefully though one of these that will all change. Too bad you guys couldn’t try the alcoholic beverages. I’m not much of a drinker, so that wouldn’t have been my loss if i were with you. I think that Albert Einstein art is pretty cool and creepy at the same time.

  • Nancy

    I can’t believe you waited until you went to New York to watch The Avengers!!! But it’s perfect because that’s where The Avengers HQ is located at and everything. At first, I thought Sugar Factory was actually a candy shop that we have here XD. But this looks so much better!! The thing I hate about regular restaurants is that everything is SOooOooo expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you come by my area, we have a lot of awesome Korean BBQ’s!!! The last Long Island Ice Tea mix I had was kind of gross. I need to find some real onessss!!!!

    Next time you go on a vacation, you should do a sped-up video compilation of like 30-second-clips-turning-into-6 thing. 😉

    • Chynna

      Haha, I can’t believe I waited either! My bf was a bit annoyed because he wanted to see it with me, but I already made plans with Mutay, lol. Drama. It’s okay, i’ll just go see Ant-Man with him. I think they actually sell sweets at the bar in sugar Factory – I’d love to go back and try their drinks, though!

      Spoiler: I might be coming to Cali next yeaaaar!

  • Raisa

    Looks like an awesome trip! I haven’t visited New York City in years, but there’s still so many places in it that I haven’t been to. I’ve never taken the ferry to Staten Island. I’m gonna put that on my travel to-do list. XD

    • Chynna

      New York is pretty big! I would love to go back and visit more places. Such an awesome place to explore. 😀

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