Here’s the Thing…

So, I went to a thrift store last weekend. Here’s the thing… I’ve never been to a thrift store and well, frankly it wasn’t really a thrift store – it was just an event held by this vintage thrift store where everything was a £1. Let’s just say I was madly disappointed, especially since I went there with high expectations. We arrived at the venue and as expected there was so many people. Being a short person is a disadvantage in these sort of situations, but I battled through and we managed to get in in the end. They were only letting a few people in and out at a time, so as to control crowd flow but people kept squashing and trying to push in. It was like a riot.

We got inside expecting an actual building with clothes in it but inside it was an open yard and the clothes were just everywhere. Coupled with the fact that it rained and made the ground muddy, I was not pleased. There were piles of clothes everywhere and people stepping all over the place and barging and chucking things on the floor. I couldn’t stand it and my friends, sister and I basically paid a £1 for nothing.

Personally, I think most of the stuff in there was charity shop stuff and definitely not vintage, but who am I to tell. Also I think you have to have an acquired taste to wear those sort of clothes. It’s a shame we travelled all that way to end up with nothing and other people left with bags upon bags of clothes and even suitcases.

It wasn’t too much waste of day because we walked down to Brick Lane and ended up at Old Spitalfields Market. They have this really nice Caribbean stall selling the most gorgeous food I’ve ever had. My sister had mac and cheese and I had the curry mutton with white rice and salad. When I say it was spicy… I mean like nearly blew my head off spicy but it was soooo nice. Reminded me of my grandmas food 😀

I am officially at my new job as of last Thursday and so far it’s been pretty good. Granted there isn’t much to do because the product that company is making hasn’t launched yet but once that’s done I’m sure there’ll be loads to do. I went to my first PR meeting today and I swear I heard the word ‘niche’ like 2000 times in that one meeting. My hours are pretty decent and sometimes I even finish early, so I can’t really complain about anything. The offices that we’re at are pretty cool – there’s always something music related going as well because it is a music studio. 

I would love a whole new winter wardrobe complete with accessories. I wuv you, Jesus, amen.


  • Karen

    Ive always wanted to go to a thrift store – but didnt because I know it wouldnt be as nice as what is depicted online/media.
    Is it like secondhand shop sort of thing? Where people sell their used stuffs?

    Anyway, it’s good that your day wasn’t wasted. 🙂

    I also need a winter wardrobe, not that I need it here in 24/7 hot year round Singapore. I’m going to Korea to play with snow, but I have no clue on how to dress for winter. The last time I went to a country for snow, I look like a walking fishball. 🙁

  • Nancy

    Does going to the thrift store remind you of Thrift Shop by Macklemore? XD.

    When everything is sold for £1, it’s expected for a whole mess of people to flood the store and get what they can. That reminds me of Black Friday where people fight for things *o*. It sucks that all of you paid £1 for nothing :(.

    I agree that you need to have an acquired taste for these clothes. I find it hard to wear clothes from the thrift shop to begin with D’:. At least you made up for the adventure to the thrift store by going out and having other fun :D. The food that you had sounds delicious.

    Congratulations at getting that new job :D! It sounds like you’re going to enjoy the job regardless of hearing niche so many times in one meeting. Have fun and do share your next adventures with us 😀

  • Kayla

    I’ve always been disappointed in thrift stores because by the time I actually find something that I like and would actually wear, it’s not in my size. The only clothing I ever really buy is over-sized old man sweaters that I can wear around the house in winter haha.

    Glad you’re enjoying the new job! There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy.

    Oooh it’s almost Summer in Australia so I’m looking for a new Summer wardrobe but Winter fashion is the besssst so I hope you get one! haha.

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