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Legend has it that if you stare at my blog for too long, a clown will appear and haunt you for the rest of your life.


I know Halloween is over, but who doesn’t love a little scare? I received an email from Joe Blogs Blogger Network about a Haunted Theatre Land Walking Tour with every hotels and I couldn’t say no. Honestly, I’m not that into scary films but I can’t resist a good ghost story. Hearing about the sightings people say they’ve had and all other ghoulish happenings makes me excited.

I arrived at every hotels, which is perfectly situated in the heart of central London, buzzing with excitement and not knowing what to expect. I had never been on a walking tour before, although I had always wanted to go on one. After chatting with some fellow bloggers, we were greeted by Diane Burstein of Secret London Walking Tours and off we went.

Our first stop was Theatre Royal Haymarket, where it is believed that ‘break a leg’ may have come to fruition here because of Samuel Foote, the manager of the London’s Little Theatre, being thrown from his horse and breaking his leg. Foote had been riding with the Duke of York, who had given Foote a bad horse as a prank. The Duke of York felt so bad about the accident he granted Foote the theatre license he had spent years lobbying for. The Little Theatre became the Theatre Royal Haymarket and the saying ‘break a leg’ came to represent achieving success out of disaster.

Patrick Stewart also claims that he saw a ghost whilst performing Waiting for Godot with Ian McKellen.


I think my favourite story has to be in the London Coliseum. It’s the one about the ghost of a soldier who spent his last night of leave at a performance before being killed in action. It has a sad ring to it, but at the same time at least he got to enjoy a good performance before he got killed.


We also passed through Bedfordbury Alley, which was considered very much the worst and most revolting of all of Victorian London’s many bad and revolting streets. It reminded me of Diagon Alley but slightly more creepier. Funny thing happened, as Diane was talking about the alley the intercom on one of the doors behind me turned on by itself and scared the crap out of me. Definitely what I needed, haha.


One of the funniest stories, for me anyway, on the walking tour was the one of the Lyceum theatre. Currently home to the famous Lion King, during the 1880s, a couple were watching a play at the Lyceum when they happened to glance over the balcony and saw a severed head grinning up at them from the lap of a woman in the stalls. In my head, I imagined the Shrunken Head from Harry Potter – the one on the Knight bus – and I couldn’t help but laugh.


After the show, they were unable to find the woman in the crush. Some years later, however, the couple were visiting a house in Yorkshire when they spotted a portrait of a man with the face of the severed head.

The house owner explained the man in the painting was a distant ancestor who had once owned the land the Lyceum stands on. He’d been beheaded for treason.

Last but not least, whilst I hate clowns with an almighty passion I did fine this story interesting. We heard the story about Josh Grimaldi. His ghost has returned many times to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and is renowned for administering a mischievous kick, and actors, cleaners, usherettes have all been on the receiving end of his spectral boot as they go about their everyday duties. One of Grimaldi’s final wishes was that his head should be severed from his body prior to burial. This macabre request was, apparently, carried out, and this might account for the disembodied white face, which has been seen floating around the theatre.


After we stopped by a few more theatres we headed back to every hotels for some grub. Which is definitely what we needed after all that walking around, because when bloggers are hungry – they’re hungryyyyyy. We were treated to lots of delicious food; burgers, pizzas, chips, onion rings, salads – it was all really yummy. Tunrayo and I treated ourselves to a glass of white wine, as well, because why the hell not, eh?


We also got a tour of every hotels, which was a lot of fun. The hotel itself is really nice and I love how modern the rooms are. Every room boasts a 40-inch flat-screen TVs and Nespresso machines, plus minibars with free soft drinks and the most important thing – free wifi. I can definitely see why it is a 4 star hotel.

Hello, MTV. Welcome to my crib <3
Hello, MTV. Welcome to my crib <3
Goofing around outside Theatre Royal Haymarket.
Goofing around outside Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Thank you to every hotels, Diane and Joes Bloggers for having me! I had an amazing time and have loads of ghost stories now to tell at sleepovers. Thank you for my get up to everything kit, as well! Everything is definitely going to come in handy. 😉

You can read all about the day over on every hotel’s blog right here.


  • Nancy

    All of these blogging outings/events you go to seem awesome! I feel like being in the UK, there would be more ghost stories because there are so many years of history behind the country/land, and therefore more deaths.

    The stories seem interesting. I can’t believe people would actually want to be beheaded when they die ;o.

    The food looks tasty and the hotels look clean! I haven’t been to a nice hotel myself so it’s always great to see that there are nice ones out there :3

    • Michelle

      The reason for that was because they thought (but we know better) that they died faster by being beheaded rather than the other medieval tortures like the rack, drawing and quartering or the wheel. I know too much about this subject because I know a lot from the French Revolution and why they decided to use a Guillotine. They wanted everyone to be equal in death and they thought being beheaded was the best way but we know now that you are still a live for a few milliseconds…or so it’s claimed. Of course no one comes back and tells you otherwise. It’s just seen as cruel and unusual. Of course back into the medieval or middle ages, only the nobles could choose how they wanted to die and most took beheading. The other masses? Had no say in it. Their punishment fit whatever crime they did. So in short the French Revolutionaries wanted to get away this injustice even in death for the nobles and that’s why they choose the Guillotine. Of course I could go on and on about the subject, but just know that France used this punishment up into the ’70s, the 1970s.

  • Michelle

    You seriously go to awesome blogging events. Makes me think I have to sign up for a few if they are in my area. Never too early or late for Halloween, I say or rather my husband says XD He’s very big into Halloween!~

  • Kya

    Okay. Your clown comment made me nervous. I thought the image was going to change to a scary clown. I still feel like it will…….. *runs and hides*

    It sounds like it would have been such an interesting tour to be on. I can’t think of a better place than London for a ghost tour because it has so much history and is so old. I went on a ghost tour in Sydney, but the stories really felt made up and lacked a lot of ‘flavour’.

    Mmmmm all the food plz. 😀

  • Pauline

    AHHHHH CHYNNAAA WHYYY I AM TERRIFIED OF CLOWNS T_T I was like, shit, where is it T_T Hahhaha! Closed one eye as I went through the photos 😉

    As everyone has said, YOU ARE SO LUCKY GOING TO THESE BLOGGING EVENTS. But this is one I wouldn’t go to, I’m too much of a scaredy-cat. Haha! I used to love hearing and talking about scary stories but when someone starts applying them to a place I get so scared and usually have nightmares about it later.


    Hope you had fun though!! <3

  • Cat

    I’m not into scary stuff, but I like hearing stories like that 🙂 I think that tour would be fun! I thought the “break a leg” story was really interesting. I guess I never looked into that saying and why you’d tell someone to break a body part as good luck, haha. I liked hearing the other stories too!

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