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Happy New Year!

There are 366 days this year because it is a leap year. I can barely handle 365, let alone 366!

Happy New Year, loves! I am a bit late to the party with my first post of the year, but in-between being hungover on January 1st, not leaving my house until the 4th and going back to work, I have no idea what’s going on except that now it’s already the 10th.

Please 2016, at least give me a chance to gather my shit together. I still have my 2015 Sherlock calendar up, for crying out loud.

Speaking of 2015, how up and down was it?! I don’t know about you, but I was so pumped for 2015 at the beginning and then everything just went downhill. Don’t get me wrong, I still had tons of fun; went to New York, crossed off meeting a blogger friend off my bucket list (Joy, in case you were wondering), got a new job, went to Paris (I’ll write about that soon)… but, yeah but, there were downers. I shan’t go into them, but yeah.

I would do a reflection post of last year, but it would literally take days to read and I won’t put you through that. Plus, I’m lazy to write all of that as you should all already know. I think this is the first post I’ve done in ages where I’m not writing about an event or a series post. I’ve kind of missed just rambling on.

Anyhoo – this year, I am feeling more determined. *insert trophy emoji here* I am determined to achieve my writing goals that Mutay has urged me to set because I am the biggest procrastinator in the world (look at when this post is going out) and the last time I actually wrote anything decent was I don’t even know. I’m also going to be travelling more this year.

I’ll be visiting my cousin in Seattle, which may also include a trip to finally meet Nancy! My cousin and I are also hoping to drive to Canada, San Francisco, and other places. I may also be going to Amsterdam in April and Barcelona (again!) with Mutay in August as a birthday treat to ourselves.

My biggest trip, that I am super duper excited for, is the Philippines! My mum and I will be going in November. I haven’t been in 3 years, so it’ll be awesome to visit again and see mi familia. My Tita already said that she plans to take us to The Hundred Islands and I’ve already requested to go to Boracay because I have been wanting to go there for the longest time.

I am so pumped for this year. Ridiculously so. New post soon, bbs!


  • Tara

    Sounds like your 2015 had its ups and downs — hopefully all the ups outweigh the bads! I wish you all the best in 2016, Chynna! <3 Good luck with your goals and such!

    And my goodness! Look at all those travel plans! I wish I could meet you and Nancy in Cali! That'd be a major blogger meet-up XD Seriously, though, it's great you have so many good things to look forward to this year. I can't say the same for me, but hopefully that will change soon!

  • Nancy

    Happy New Year! Even though there were some things that didn’t work out, at least you managed to have a good year the best way you can? It’s awesome that you traveled around!

    Good luck with your goals this year! Keep being an overachiever and your future self will thank you ;). And definitely come down to meet me!!! It’ll be fun ;). Looking forward to see the adventures unfold!

  • Cat

    That’s too bad that there were some downers in 2015 🙁 I’m glad you had a fun trip at least and all of those awesome events you went to! Hopefully it was still positive overall.

    All of your trips for 2016 sound exciting 😀 That’s great that you’ll be doing a lot of traveling. Good luck on your writing goals too!

  • ariane

    Wow, you have so many plans this 2016. Haha I wish we could meet here in the Philippines but you already have plans to Boracay and/or Hundred Islands. I live in Manila so if you happen to visit the city, tell me the soonest! haha Enjoy :>

  • Amy

    Sounds like you had a great 2015. So jealous that you got to travel to cool places. I’ve never left the UK!

    Good luck with your goals for the year as well! I have major writing goals, but I’ve not done anything yet this year. I WILL write a novel! So determined…but Netflix!

    Happy New Year!

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