A Gym Playlist Is a Must Have

The wheels have been set in motion for my holiday in June. I’ll be flying to Barcelona for 3 days from the 21st, and to say I’m excited is an understatement. Excitement aside, I’ve realised that I actually want to wear a bikini on this holiday because, a) It’s gonna be hot, AF and b) there’s a rooftop pool at our hostel.

That being said, I’ve realised that perhaps the takeaways and overeating has taken it’s toll because I am nowhere near a flat stomach. I’m not fat, but I could do with a little toning here and there. Also, just being fit in general is always good.

I actually joined a gym a few weeks ago. It was obviously meant to be with this holiday and me getting fit. I wasn’t going to join a gym in London because it can be insanely expensive, with the cheapest I found being £21.99 😐

Luckily, a new gym opened up near me and they started an offer for £12.99 a month for a year! It will raise to £16.99 after the year is up, but even then that’s still pretty good. The great thing is that I can cancel at any time, so I don’t have to worry about being stuck with this gym for a year.

It’s going really well, so far. I used to go to the gym back in university, but it’s been a year since I’d been and I thought it was going to be hard to get back into it. Surprisingly, I found it really easy and I look forward to my gym sessions now. I only do a half hour workout because I’m still easing into it, but this past week I’ve gone a little past a half hour so hopefully I got to build up the resilience for an hour! Gotta put that work in 😀

What I really love is the playlist I’ve put together for when I go. The first few times I went I didn’t have a playlist and just put my songs on shuffle. Big mistake. Some of the most demotivating songs would pop up like really sad love songs – I didn’t even realise I had them on my phone, either. Haha. So, I decided to sit down and create a playlist and it’s doing wonders for my workouts. Here’s a Spotify playlist of the songs I listen to:

Not on the playlist: SexyBack (Live) – Justin Timberlake – iTunes Festival: London 2013

I swear some of these songs make me just wanna go H.A.M in the gym especially Fancy, #SELFIE, Bonfire, SexyBack (Live) and Love On Top. All of them are pretty upbeat but I think those are right at the top.

I cannot stress the importance of listening to the live version of SexyBack from iTunes Festival. I love the studio version, but the live version definitely gets your blood pumping. You should see me on the elliptical trainer when it comes on.

I think these songs are pretty good to just listen to in general if you just want to dance. Either way, it’s working for me in the gym!

If you work out, what are your favourite songs to listen to?


  • AnneMarie

    It’s so true that you need a ready playlist! I went for a run once without one and when the song changed and there was that awkward silence in between songs…. ugh, my rhythm was thrown off completely.

    Playlists take time though so I’m glad you have one, I’m definitely using this on my next gymscapade. 😀

  • Soph

    The gym season begins… Yeah, going to wales with the friends some point this summer and they’re all like “Oh you ARE going to get into the sea”. 1) COLD (even in summer)… 2) I have definitely been eating too much chocolate for that. And being stuck indoors for revision period makes it hard to exercise. So I’m just trying to not eat anything too unhealthy and to keep portions on the low. But it sounds like you’re getting into it which is really good. And that’s a decent deal considering. If you go for any of the main chain gyms I think maybe the strategy is that you pay so much you won’t be able to afford food, so you’ll loose weight faster 😉 ahah, There’s a tiny boxing gym at the end of our road which costs like £4 a month (but it’s because it’s tiny and there are extremely large men – and some women – there). So yeah, good deal, I’d say. And good luck with it!
    My ipod only has depressing songs on it, so maybe I’ll take your advice and sort my happy music out ;D haha.

  • Michelle

    Good luck on your endeavors! I too, have a bit to lose and knowing that I just lost 26 lbs on my own was awesome. The first step is always to change what you eat and I’ve certainly done that, and then to do cardio like walking (which I’ve been doing), and etc; I’m glad that you’ve decided to better yourself. I do my own workouts at home since I really can’t afford gym memberships. I just happen to know people with gym equipment in their homes. Regardless, I wish you all the best! May we both get the results we want! ^.^

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