Apologies for what seems to be a fail of a Blogmas series! Mutay and I have both been so busy with work (that’s always our excuse, isn’t it) and with Christmas literally two days away, it’s hard to squeeze anything in between last minute Christmas shopping and eating literally all of the food. Nevermind, eh? I’m back now and I just want to talk about the amazing time I had at the Murder Mystery night with bgo, Joe Blogs and Agent November.

Bgo - Murder Mystery 141

I love a good murder mystery. When I’m involved, I feel like I’m Sherlock and I feel doubly clever when I manage to figure out a clue. As soon as I arrived at Somerstown Coffee House, I was already sent on a mission to find a badge to write my alias. I was also swayed with a cocktail and literally the best pigs in blankets I’ve ever had. It’s not Christmas without pigs in blankets, I say.

We were then put into teams of two, to solve… you guessed it… a murder! It was actually pretty hard and actually involved me crawling under the tables to find clues. I can’t say much about the clues, so as not to spoil anything for anyone who’s interested in taking part in this one day, but it was definitely a lot of fun! It’s a great way to team build, as well, and your brain goes into overdrive when you’ve only got so many minutes before you ‘die’. 

We managed to solve the mystery, thankfully, with two minutes to spare. Honestly, the last few minutes were a gamble but one that paid off well. The night was rounded off nicely with plenty of delicious food (and alcohol!).

Bgo - Murder Mystery 195

I also spent way too much time playing bgo’s online game Beach Life. You get given €1000 to start with (not real, I wish) and it’s your basic slots game. Super fun, super addictive, and if it were real money I have no idea if I would be rich right now.

Thanks to Joe Blogs for hosting the event. I had a blast (and perhaps drank too much, but it’s Christmas. Who cares?)! Check out the hashtag #GamesontheBGO for more blogger fun 🙂


  • Nancy

    I don’t think this was a failed Blogmas series! You still tried and there were results. Things happen sometimes and it’s fine~~~~

    You go to all of the cool events! I wonder how much planning it took to put together these events, especially with putting people in a murder case. Sounds like a Halloween thing! And good that there are alcohol at the end ;).

    Happy Holidays!

  • Cat

    I love murder mysteries! That is my favorite genre to read, and I think those puzzle room type things are such a fun idea. I did one recently with my team at work, except we were trying to figure out a robbery. I would like to do one where it’s a murder mystery though 🙂 I’m glad you were able to solve it in time!

  • Kayla

    I hope you had a beautiful Christmas!

    The murder mystery looks like so much fun, I’m so jealous. I’ve always been semi interested in taking part in one but I wouldn’t have a clue how/where! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

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