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The Food Diaries // 018

When your friend relies on you to take them to the best food places, you kind of have to pull out all the stops. Aside from myself and Mutay’s monthly dinner, I also meet up regularly with one of my friends and take her to what I believe to be the best places to eat in London.

There have been some places which have been completely new to me, as well, however, my gut is always right and the places we’ve visited have been amazing.

Last month, I decided on Flesh & Buns for our meet up as I had been before and was absolutely floored by how good the food was. 

Flesh & Buns is an Izakaya pub-style venue located in Covent Garden. The restaurant is underground, and the decor and lighting are really nice. I found the service really good and all the waiters that served us were very friendly (and cute, but that point is irrelevant).

There are so many things to choose from on the menu – you can choose from sushi to rice bowls or if you fancy noodles or chicken wings, it is all there. They also have some delicious cocktails!

It took me ages to decide what I wanted for my main, but for my starter, I immediately knew that I wanted the prawn tempura roll and Korean fried wings. As I don’t get many opportunities to eat good sushi due to my allergies to fish, I always try and grab one when it’s presented to me. 

The rolls were absolutely delicious! Especially with the wasabi. It had yuzu mayo, avocado and tobiko.  Also, the more wasabi, the better – you gotta feel that burn in your nose! Also, I really love pickled ginger. My eyes bugged out of my head when they brought out the Korean fried wings as I wasn’t expecting them to be so big! Covered in this beautiful spicy sour sauce and sesame seeds, I would say that if you’re on a first date, maybe don’t order the wings because they are very sticky, very messy but oh so yummy. They were perfectly done with just the right amount of spice.

For my main, we decided to go for the restaurant’s namesake which is their flesh and buns. You have the option of what “flesh” you want, so, for example, you can get steak, chicken or duck. I went for the crispy piglet belly. We also went for their offer of 2 buns for £2. The crispy piglet belly which comes with a salad alongside mustard miso. It was SO delicious. The pork was really tender with the skin being nice and crispy! The buns are steamed so are super soft – you basically make a sandwich and go to town!

I left that restaurant feeling pregnant but with no regrets.

Overall, I had a fantastic time on my second visit to Flesh & Buns. The atmosphere in the restaurant is really good, the food is (of course) amazing and I loved the service. I will definitely be visiting and I would definitely recommend this place if you live in or are visiting London.

41 Earlham St

T: 020 7632 9500


  • Nancy

    If I ever go to London, please please please be my food tour guide XD. Flesh & Buns looks like my kind of place with all of that sushi/rice bowls! OH AND COCKTAILS TOO, YAS. I didn’t know Korean fried wings is a thing until recently. Maybe this should be the new KFC. Even though you are allergic to fish, at least you can enjoy the other menu items (as long as the chefs know not to contaminate).

    I love how you’re balling with the wasabi. Reading this post is making me crave sushi. Guess that’s what I am having for dinner!!!

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time at the restaurant!

    • Chynna

      GIRL, OF COURSE! YOU NEED TO COME OVER SOON. I love hooking my friends up with the best places to eat in LDN ? I actually thought of you when I ordered the sushi, seeing as you’re THE sushi connoisseur! Haha, KFW – amirite?


  • Rezina

    The food at Flesh & Buns looks amazing! Especially the buns! Which might sound weird because they’re not much to look at at first glance BUT they do look really soft, haha. It sounds like they have a lot of variety too. And it’s a plus when the service is great as well because bad service can sour the experience (and it doesn’t hurt that the waiters were cute).

  • Hiro

    Ahhh yessss my favorite topiccccccccc!!!! 😀 The food looks and sounds AMAZING. And 2 pounds for 2??? SIGN ME UP. The “crispy piglet belly” kinda made me cringe and tear up and feel bad but at the same time feel hungry… >> Just… such a sad image… Of a little piglet… I know whom to hit up when I’m in London next…. XD

    • Chynna

      YAAASSS, I swear all I can think/dream/talk about is food ? Omg, same. I had conflicting feelings when I was looking at the menu when I was there – but I was like, ugh, pls, gimme that pork. YES HUNNY, LMK AND WE CAN GO EAT OUR WEIGHT IN FOOD!

  • Tara

    That’s great you take your friends to new places and that you find the best places to eat. Your instincts are mad good for you to always find those amazing eateries 😀

    Sounds like Flesh & Buns has a bit of everything to encourage many different people to come and try their foods. The prawn tempura roll looks yummy! No thans on the extra wasabi, though! I don’t like them ^^;;; The Korean chicken wings sounds yummy! Girl, get your butt here so we can get you all the Korean chicken to your heart’s delight!

    And your main looks good, too! I was wondering about the restaurant’s name, so them serving actual flesh and buns now makes sense! The buns look so good! I would totally enjoy that!

    Now I’m hungry, Chynna! I need to go look for some food!

    • Chynna

      You know it, T ? When you come to London you’ll be able to take advantage of my expertise.


      Hope you found some food in the end ?

  • Georgie

    This place looks really good! I loooooove izakayas. I love how they always have lots and lots of options for food.

    The sushi looks really good! And I can totally understand how you’d reap every opprortunity to eat sushi that you’re NOT allergic to. It must feel really liberating hehe.

    I haven’t had Korean fried chicken that many times. I think the one I had in Korea actually wasn’t that good because it was part of a chain/franchise. ? There are heaps of Korean fried chicken spots in Sydney that are really good though.

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