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The Food Diaries // 017

I’ve been to eat in the Shard one other time and that’s because I won a WeSwap competition and got a £100 voucher for Hutong. (PS. We went over the £100 and had to pay extra, but what did you really expect from me?)

Eating in the Shard is the pinnacle of fancy living. High rise restaurants with a 360º view of London? Yeah, you know you’re living the good life. Especially when you have to pay for the water…

So, my mother turned 60 last July and you only turn 60 once, right? She decided she wanted to live her best life and so she left it to me to pick a restaurant that was specifically in the Shard. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from but Oblix was the one that stood out to me!

Oblix is a contemporary grill restaurant based on the 32nd floor of the Shard. The views are absolutely stunning, however, they don’t take requests for window seats so you’ll have to be lucky to get one. Nevertheless, you can book through the website making it really easy. I also phoned the day before to arrange for them to write a ‘Happy Birthday’ message on my mum’s dessert, and everything went smoothly.

My original plan was to bring a cake to the restaurant for them to bring it out, but they have a cake charge which is per head. When the lady I was speaking to mentioned they could write the message on her dessert, I decided to go for that because it just made life a lot simpler. (We ended up getting a small cake and doing the candles and stuff at home, which you can watch here).

There’s an automatic lift that will take you all the way to the 32nd floor and as soon as you arrive they take your coats and bags to put in their cloakroom. The waitress’ uniforms were these cute flared dresses, which I absolutely adored. All the servers were so friendly as well, asking us if we had a good day so far and even saying happy birthday when I mentioned it was my mum’s birthday.

We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, but still had a good view from where we were sitting! The menu is quite extensive ranging from grilled diver scallops, king oyster mushrooms & hazelnuts to grilled aubergine, yoghurt, mint & pomegranate… fancy or wot? ?


We had some nibbles from the ‘While You Decide’ section of the menu, which was yummy. We started with chorizo, herb croutons & rosemary and also the parmesan cheese with honey. Please note these are NOT starters, they are literally nibbles because they came in such smol bowls.We were given bread whilst we waited for our meal and we had also ordered drinks. I went for the Pink Cadillac and I honestly don’t remember what was in it, but I do know it was delicious. And pink. Always a win/win. I was more interested in the main anyway, and there was so much to choose from…


I was originally going to order the rib-eye, but I spotted the lamb and I just had to order it. I’m glad I did! These lamb chops were marinated in harissa giving the meal a beautiful fragrant smell and a wonderful spicy kick with each bite. Paired with yoghurt, there was a wonderful combination was cool and hot. I also ordered the jersey royal potatoes, which gave the meal much-needed carbs. The presentation was amazing and my eyes literally lit up when the waiter came over with my plate.

The meal was very filling, as well, and I thought, “Oh no, I’m not going to have room for dessert!” but I really don’t know who I was kidding. ?


I wanted to go for the New York cheesecake, but unfortunately, it had nuts so that was a definite no go. In the end, I chose the strawberry & rose Eton mess. There were freshly cut strawberries and mini meringues which went really well with the sorbet. It was so refreshing! Again, the presentation was on point – kudos to Oblix, y’all know how to make food look pretty! For some reason, I didn’t take a picture of my dessert which is so unusual for me!

My mum ended up ordering the cheesecake, and I was smiling so big when they came over the dessert and it had the message and even a candle which they had lit up! So cute.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Oblix and I will definitely be back sometime in the future. There is so much on the menu that I want to try!

Level 32
The Shard
31 St. Thomas Street

T: 020 7268 6700


  • Nancy

    Congrats on winning the voucher for Oblix! Free food is the best kind of good ;). Man, I am jelly that you got to dine up in a high rise! It’s great that things worked out for you as far as the booking goes. I love it when there are nibbles as you look through the menu. Your drink looks 100% lit.

    YOUR RIB EYE LOOKS AMAZING. I am savoring this as I am reading your post. It’s awesome that the restaurant arranged a special dessert for your mother :). Thanks for sharing and happy belated birthday to your mother! I love how you’ve been treating her out like a rockstar ;).

  • Oblix Restaurant

    Thanks for making our Monday! It was a pleasure having you and Mumford in…so pleased we could celebrate the special occasion with you! Hope you had a blast and a half. Big love from Level 32 xx

  • Cat

    Oh mannn, those lamb chops look amazing! I love lamb, and I would want to order something like that too. The cheesecake also looks good, and I’m glad they were able to write Happy Birthday on it for your mom! That sounds so lovely to have a birthday dinner high up in the Shard. I’m glad you had a good dinner there!

  • Tara

    Wow, that is one balling restaurant experience, Chynna! You’re so sweet to reserve such a luxurious place for your mother’s 60th birthday :3 It makes sense you had them write the message on their dessert because that cake charge is a bit much! It’s good you were able to still get a good view from the middle of the restaurant.

    The nibbles you had while deciding sounds so yummy :3 Chorizo and courtouns and the cheese with honey? Nommm!

    I am not a lamb person, but that dish you had looks scrumptious! I’m drooling over here. The dessert your mum got was great! The message and the candle were a nice touch ^^ And why is there no photo of your amazing strawberry eton mess?! That sounds like a dream XD

    Thanks for sharing your eats at Oblix! What a wonderful birthday dining experience ^^

  • Georgie

    On occasion I’ve received gift vouchers or won gift vouchers for restaurants but exceed the cost of the gift voucher. Cos c’mon it’s food right. Who isn’t going to order way more than the gift voucher they have?!

    The photos look really good! Shame you didn’t get a photo of the dessert though. Maybe it just looked that damn good that you forgot. ?

    When there’s so much to choose from on the menu I panic. ? I always feel like I made the wrong decision.

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