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I have the pleasure of writing this post from Mutay’s new desk, which we both built ourselves with blood, sweat and tears. JK, of course. It was a lot of work, though. It is our finest achievement to date.

Anyway, I’m back at it again with another food post because food is love, food is life and food will never let you down.

I was recently invited to SuperStar BBQ, which is located in Central St Giles Piazza. The location is ideal because it’s central enough to get home quickly for myself, but if you’re looking for somewhere to eat after shopping in Oxford Street then it’s only a stone throw away.

I’m pretty sure everyone who reads my blog knows how much I love Korean BBQ. I only wrote about Korean BBQ two posts ago for the Food Diaries, in fact. Fatty for life.

We actually discovered this restaurant a while back when we were with another friend in the same area. When I received an email inviting me to SuperStar BBQ, I had no idea it was the same restaurant! Needless to say that when I arrived, I was really excited. 

We were seated quickly as we had a table booked for us. After perusing the menu, we decided to order some cocktails. I went for a Kojito, which had soju, fresh lime, mint leaves and a splash of lemonade and Mutay went for a Fallen Angel in Busan, which had soju, fresh lime, raspberry and mint. They were both amazing tasting. 

Damn, Mutay. Back at it again with the cocktails.

Their menu is quite extensive and it did take us a while to choose what we wanted. They have different menus; lunch/dinner and set. If you’re not feeling BBQ, then they have other items such as KFC (Korean Fried Chicken ?), soups and bibimbap. When I go next time, I definitely want to try their KFC. I’m about that fried chicken and beer life.

We ended up going for their set menu 3:

Yukhoe (beef tartare)
Traditional mandu (dumplings)
Pajeon (seafood pancake)
Miso soup
Banchan (namul & kimchi)
Tiger prawn, sesame & garlic sirloin, rib galbi, wine pork belly, grilled vegetables
Sangchu salad, mixed lettuce & ssamjang
Seasonal fruits

Banchan (namul & kimchi) – the sigeumchi namul (Lightly blanched spinach dressed with spring onions, garlic and sesame seeds) was SO tasty!
left to right: traditional mandu, kimchi jeon, banchan and yukhoe
all of the tasty meats and one singular prawn because we were grilling the others, haha
my tummy is rumbling just looking at the meat. such a carnivore >.>
I believe the drink is Sujeonggwa, but correct me if I’m wrong. It was absolutely delicious!

You’ll have to excuse the quality of my pictures! I was attempting to stuff my face and get good pictures at the same time – I tried my best, haha. 

The food comes out in waves, so be prepared. I loved that they catered to my allergy to seafood. The original menu has seafood pancakes, however, I’m allergic to all seafood except prawns. The waitress was kind enough to check with her manager and they were able to swap them to kimchi pancakes. That is top notch service right there. I like restaurants that actually care about their customers – of course, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

The waiters/waitresses were very attentive to our needs. When it came time to the BBQ part, we were shown how to BBQ and the best order to eat everything for an optimal experience. You get to grill everything yourself, and they will come round and make sure the grill is at the right temperature, etc. 

It was fun to grill everything ourselves! The last restaurant we went to, they do it for you, which it nice but then you have the waiter just standing there awkwardly. It was like that in the restaurant we went to in NYC, as well. That’s why I like this place because you have the option to take your time whilst grilling everything. You really do have to pace yourself because there is A LOT of food.

My favourite meat would have to be the sesame & garlic sirloin. The way it was seasoned was out of this world, and I’m glad we saved that for last. This is how I like to eat KBBQ; I get a lettuce wrap, spread some ssamjang on that ish, add my meat after dipping in my favourite sauce and spring onions, wrap that ish up and have myself a feast!

The portions look small and lead you to believe that it won’t be enough, but it does fill you up. By the time it got to the bibimbap and miso soup we were pretty much stuffed and we still had the fruits to go!

Can we just talk about yukhoe (beef tartare) for a second? Who thought it would be a good idea to get raw meat and put a raw egg on top? It didn’t taste too bad, but as Mutay said a little fire never hurt anybody. At least I can say I’ve actually tried it now. Come at me, bro.

I love their decor in the restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the inside of the restaurant, but they had these cool lights and I love the ambience. Makes for an excellent dining experience. Everyone was so friendly and helpful!

Food: 4/5 – Wish the portions were slightly bigger, but as I said I was still full despite this
Service: 5/5 – We didn’t have to wait long for our food, at all! And the waiter/waitresses were all so lovely 🙂

Thank you to T for helping me get the Korean words right!

Psst. I really love saying the word gochujang. GOCHUJANG!

4 Central St Giles Piazza

020 7836 6577

Disclaimer: The restaurant in this review has given the reviewer complimentary food or other products. This has in no way influenced my opinion. I am ALWAYS honest in my posts. If I like something, I will say it; if I don’t, I will say that too. I’m not afraid to “offend” a company or restaurant (hello, I put that one restaurant I went to for my birthday on BLAST). I’d much rather give an honest opinion. 🙂


  • Joy

    Oh my word, everything looks so good! I think it’s really cool that they let you grill you’re own food. That is why I haven’t gone to a Korean bbq place here. I’m socially awkward and very picky with how I like my food so I avoid going to places where the cook is in front of you.

    It looked like a lot of food! And a good variety too!

  • Tara

    YUM! Everything looks great! I think it’s good that they catered to your seafood allergy. I love sigeumchi namul! My mum makes them often, and it’s one of the few namuls I like XD

    I want some kimchi jeon now! Dangnabit, Chynna, why must you make me hungry?! XD

    I’m with you on the yukhoe . . . not my thing. I like my meat cooked, thank you!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Now you need to come to Korea to experience the real thing!

  • Amy

    That food looks amazing! I would love to go somewhere and grill my own meat – that’s so cool. Plus I like everything overdone, which is so hard to get in a restaurant. Probably because everyone likes nice food except me hahah.

    It’s great that they catered to your individual needs as well. I hate it when a set menu restricts what you can have. It puts me off buying anything, usually.

    I’ve gotten to the half way point of NaNoWriMo and now I’m starting to struggle. I’ve never written this much of a book before and it’s quite scary. Going to force myself through it for one though!

  • Nancy

    YooOOouuu areb ack!!!

    Korean BBQ is amazing… The cocktails that Mutay got looks delicious! I love pink alcoholic drinks X’D.

    Banchan is awesome because it gets your appetite going before getting the main course. I am getting hungry here while looking at the meats XD. *craves for KBBQ eben more*

    It’s awesome that the waiters and waitresses catered to your needs and you had an enjoyable experience! I’ve heard people complaining about cooking their own food, but that’s the best part in the experience! You can make the food the way you like AND you don’t need to clean up at the end XD.

  • Georgie

    I only eat veg/seafood, but whoever thought of raw anything was a genius haha… I love raw fish. Raw eggs can be superb with most dishes – or even really lightly cooked. I am still baffled how a really super soft boiled egg tastes so good mixed with rice (a Japanese dish). The thing I like about Korean BBQ is the side dishes actually, since there isn’t much else I can eat. Kimchi is gr999. ?

    Since I’m going to London in a couple of months I’m probably going to look back through your food diaries – and I expect more 😉 hahah.

  • Pauline

    Ooo, loving this new theme Chynna!

    Haha, I saw you and Mutay build the table on Snapchat and Twitter. I bet it’s satisfying having it all in built though 🙂 “Food will never let you down” That’s right.

    Korean BBQ – I need to try it!I know, it’s shocking, I still haven’t had Korean BBQ ever; your pictures make it look exactly like those Korean dramas though! xD I still haven’t had the opportunity to grill stuff myself in a restaurant. Sounds amazing!

    I will definitely be checking this place out next time 😉

    • Chynna

      Thank you, girl!

      Haha, we were doing the most on Snapchat. It was very satisfying, though. When you come down to London next time, I will take you to KBBQ! It is soooo good.

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