Final Thoughts of 2014

Contrary to popular belief, I have not stumbled down a rabbit hole and disappeared off to Wonderland (although, that would be lovely). No, alas, I have just been procrastinating with my blogging, again, and as such the Leibster award post is still to be posted.

Am sorry, but not really.

So… Christmas season. It’s meant to be full of joy and warmth, and it is but it also comes with an ounce of stress. The stress of buying Christmas presents, wondering where the feck 2014 went?

This has been on my mind for the past week… Where has 2014 gone? I could have sworn that it was only yesterday when I went on holiday to Barcelona, but that was in June! Man. I wanted to set some 2015 goals, but the only thing that I really want to achieve in 2015 is travelling.

If anything, I really want to achieve this:

In all seriousness, I have some pretty big travelling plans coming up in 2015. You’ll have to keep an eye on the blog, if any of you still even read this.

This past year has been up and down with mostly ups, I’m glad to say. The scramble to get up the last post of the year is real! I really hope that I’ll be able to blog more in the upcoming month – I have missed it, I’m not going to lie.

It’s just that with nothing exciting happening, I don’t really see the point in forcing a post. I’m pretty sure you can just follow me on Twitter if you want to know more about my mundane life (it still includes watching way too much TV).

I also need to revise my writing goals for 2015. I really need to crack my knuckles and get to it because I haven’t written anything properly in ages. As I mentioned in a previous post, I would love to do a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing, so I really need to brush up on my skills and start creating a portfolio of some sort.

So much to do, so little time.

I hope all my fellow bloggers had a merry Christmas or if you don’t celebrate, then happy holidays.

Here’s looking forward and wishing the best of luck for the New Year. God knows I need it.


  • Uglyfish

    I’m amazed 2014 is already over! When did that happen? I’m glad 2014 has been mostly ups for you, hopefully with all your travelling 2015 will be too! Doing a PostGrad in creative writing would be amazing, good luck with achieving that!

  • Nancy

    Yay, you’re back! Happy New Year, Chynna!! Happy uhhh. I think its 4.5 years of friendship?? ??

    2014 passed by really fast for me too! Especially after Septemeber, all of the holidays flew by. I’m looking forward to all of the traveling posts you’ll make! Make sure to post pictures too ;). And yes! Definitely blog more so I can comment on my homegirl’s posts ;).

    Hope you will have an adventure-packed year :D!

  • Agent Q

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration and a great start to 2015! And please do keep us updated with your upcoming travel stories. It’s always nice to see where people are traveling all over the world while learning about these places [and even noting future travel destinations].

    Regarding writing, my suggestion is instead of feeling like you’re forcing a post by narrating a story of what happened in a particular day, dig deeper. See if you can come up with a takeaway lesson from a particular experience. That will give you a whole new layer of ideas. Perhaps the way you articulate your thoughts might help you with your portfolio as well. Good luck!

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