Diary of an Intern

I’ve been eating a lot this week… well, few weeks. Being a foodie it’s expected. The only problem is that because I have a week off from work I haven’t been getting the exercise that I usually get from there. Walking? What is walking? Unless you count the amount of walking I did in Birmingham on Friday – I got a blister on my right little toe  @_@

Here’s some good news for you… more good for me, but obviously you should know as well. I finally got a paid internship! It’s an advertising company called Mutual Media and I start mid October. My last day at Primark is next Friday. Clearly everybody is going to miss me when I leave because I’m so fabulous. Especially people on customer service  >:)

Other than that I haven’t really been up to much so haven’t got an excuse for not blogging. I’ve just gotten spectacularly lazy. I have been blog hopping, so I’ve had a peep at blogs but just not left comments. I’m watching you…  >.< I went to Birmingham on Friday – the only problem is that I’ve been there so many times it was a little bit boring to me. Still, for 50p return it weren’t too bad (#welovepromotions). I ate good food and did a lot of window shopping. I’m saving my money for this pop up thrift store next Saturday where everything is going to be a £1. I’m excited! Hopefully I find some new outfits for work…

I still can’t believe that after all this searching I managed to get a paid internship. It’s only 3 months but I plan to shine so bright that they keep me on 🙂 Travel is going to be so expensive cause it’s quite a bit away from where I live, but it’ll definitely be worth it. Maybe I should have had my driving license and a car by now… Oh well. The workplace is at Metropolis Studios which is Europe’s #1 independent music studio. The place is so cool – I haven’t seen it all but there’s a bar and lounge bit which is so chill. I went there for a music event on Tuesday which is held every first Tuesday of each month, and it was pretty fun. Met some of the people who work there as well, and I actually can’t wait to leave Primark and start working there.

It all starts from here basically. I not only get to put my degree into use but I’ll be doing something I actually like. Cheers to me!


  • Pim

    The Tron movie it was the new one I watched. I’ve never watched it before so it was my first time and I liked it The futuristic effects I liked as well.
    Congrats on your paid internship =)

  • Michelle

    I’m glad you are doing things you love 🙂 that paid internship sounds very good and I hope you get a chance to enjoy it. It’s okay about the blogging. Not much has happened to me and so I haven’t blogged too much.

    Basically Associate is the lowest degree you can get and Bachelors Degree is one up from the Associate Degree and Bachelors requires additional schooling. Also you get paid more for a Bachelors degree.

  • Holly

    Congrats on getting the internship! 😀 When you weigh up the cost of learning to drive, buying a car, taxing it, insuring it, MOT etc, it probably works out cheaper to commute.

    50p return to Birmingham? From where? That’s so cheap!

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