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Dating Conventions

I’ve gotten to that point in my life where I’ve started to question all these so-called conventions when it comes to dating.

This includes who should text first, how many days should you wait before texting/calling him, who should call first, etc. It’s all a bit ridiculous, I’ve realised. I’m a pretty impatient person, so if I just sit around waiting like I usually do then nothing will get done because we all know that guys are really, really clueless all the time sometimes. I don’t think guys realise how much they keep girls waiting and on edge. It’s annoying.

I mean, really, what’s so wrong with the girl calling or texting first? If anything it shows assertiveness and confidence which I’m sure some people would find sexy. I know I’d find it sexy if I were a guy. A relationship does take two people to work, so if it’s always the guy making the first move what does that say? Of course, I wouldn’t necessarily text the guy as SOON as I get home if I get his number (not that I ever have made the first move, anyway, ha!) but you know the next evening or 2 days would suffice.

In other news, I have an interview this week for a retail shop called Primark. I’ve realised that until I get a proper job with a per annum salary I need some way to survive. There go my high hopes of working straight as soon as I finish university. One of my closest friends works in the Primark I applied to, and she put in a good word for me, so fingers crossed I get it. I guess I just need to ace the interview. Who knows, though? Something could fuck up.

I also got a staff writer internship at It’s only 3 months and not paid but that’s okay because it’s online so I don’t need to spend any money or anything! Plus the experience would be really useful and help me brush up on my writing skills. They also said they’d give me a letter of recommendation once my 3 months are up. Good times!

I’ve also started watching 30 Rock (you know me and my television shows, I can’t keep away. I always have something new to watch) and have already raced through 3 seasons. 30 Rock is so, so funny. Like ridiculously funny – plus it has Tina Fey who I’m a lot a little bit in love with.

PS. I got a 2:1 in my dissertation. Drinks up!


  • Esme

    Good luck with your interview, I hope you get the job!! I always get so nervous in interviews, my mind just works so slowly.
    Yeah I don’t believe in the dating rules either, it’s different for everyone. The waiting game is really annoying sometimes.

  • Kirsten

    I never really waited for the guy to text/call/whatever cause I always found they never did. And not cause they were not interested but because as you said… they are clueless all the time sometimes. My ex-boyfriend was more concerned about being overattentive then I was. My boyfriend is sorta the same. That and he just hates using a phone… Congrats on getting the interview and the internship and good luck them both. New jobs are always fun and interesting!

  • Nancy

    I know how you feel when it comes to these things!!! I usually like it when my boyfriend texts me first and I avoid texting first during the first couple of months. In all seriousness, guys are clueless! If they’re not clueless, then they probably worry that they’re annoying you or something. I find nothing wrong with a girl texting first but with how things are today, “if a girl texts first, she is overly attached”… According to the social media. A relationship is definitely a two way street. For sure, don’t text the person minutes after you got their number… Wait it out.

    Good luck with getting a job— or should I say, a career :)! Hopefully something good will turn up for you. Congratulations on getting an internship at geekinsider. Although you don’t get paid, you get the experience! It’s a bonus for your resume!

    You always have the time to watch all of these awesome shows XD. I usually miss them because I forget about them ;-;. The only thing I keep up with if anything is Monday night raw………….. yeaaaaaaaaah. I am so lame. XD

    Go and get your license done! The sooner, the better… Except when you’re drunk. Don’t drive when you’re drunk. Take the train or get a ride. It’s more fun that way 😉

  • Sakura

    Congrats on getting second upper honors! Hope that you will be able to get a job soon. I miss schooling now that I have started working. 🙁

  • Brittney

    Guys are so clue less! I practically had to force myself on my boyfriend now and I’m so lucky that I was always hounding him and texting him to hang out or else we wouldn’t have been together and than we wouldn’t of had our beautiful little girl 🙂

    Good luck with your job interview!

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