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Christmas Tree Reveal

My mum is always in charge of the Christmas tree and I just realised that I haven’t posted any pictures of our tree anywhere on social media!

This year she went for a silver and red theme and as always it turned out amazing ?

I also mentioned that I decorated a mini tree for my desk at work, and my mum picked up some mini decorations for me. I also managed to nab some fairy lights from Poundland and with the spare tinsel I wrapped some fairy lights around it and put it on my screen!

What does your Christmas tree look like? Do you go for real or fake?


  • Kemi

    “Weekmas” – I like it 😉 I am liking the theme – this year my rents went for just a silver theme which is quite cute! I remember always getting so excited to decorate the Christmas tree when I was younger haha, I was always the chief designer. We also go for fake in our place – then reuse it for 10 years lol.

  • Tara

    I love the tree your mum did! It’s really nice and I love the colour scheme! I have to give her kudos for doing this nicely. I have zero patience for decorating, so I’m quite happy not having to do that . . . ^^;; Yes, I can be lazy. But I do appreciate the effort others put into for the holiday decorations! Thanks for showing your tree!

  • Georgie

    Your mum did a great job with the tree! I like all the red – I feel like I rarely see that much red on trees. My mum kinda changes things up each year, but there are some years she is too busy (working in retail around Christmas time) to put the tree up. When she does, she usually grabs some new tinsel or a new “base” but tends to use the same decorations until they wear out. Last couple of years she bought some new clear LED lights, and last year she kept it basic with some blue and white lights haha, and only put on large decorations instead of filling the whole tree up.

    In Australia it would be impossible to get a real tree, given our hot ass summer weather at Christmas time! So our trees are almost always fake. ?

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