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    February Highlights 2014

    I feel like I should be playing End of the Road – Boyz II Men whilst you guys read this post. You know what? Here, have the video. So, it’s finally the end of February and looking back I can’t believe what a roller coaster it has been! I have done so many exciting things in just one month and I’m glad you guys were there whilst I documented it. Here are a few February highlights: 1. Got to see Childish Gambino in concert 2. Joined OkCupid 3. Went on a date with someone I met on OkCupid 4. Started a new internship 5. Started a new blog with my…

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    I’ve been really swamped lately, so haven’t had time to write any proper blog posts. I’ll be back soon, guys. How epic is this trailer for Godzilla? Deux Ville Filles reads: Recipe of the Week | Songs On Repeat | Casual Monday

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    Bump ‘n’ Grind

    So, my best friend is on a first date with someone she met on OkCupid. It’s still ‘Blog Everyday In February’, so I’m sticking to it. I’ve been chilling with a ‘friend’ and the bartenders because being a third wheels sucks. I’m still having fun, though! We decided to play dirty/romantic songs for them including Hot in Herre, Ignition, Bump ‘n’ Grind and I’m Horny. If you don’t see a post tomorrow, you know I’m dead. My ‘friend’ said he’s my wingman. I’m putting quotation marks because we’ve known each other since primary school but he used to bully me. He’s still annoying. Haha. He’s trying to make me get…

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    Catching up with Friends

    I went to see the Lego Movie with a friend today and I absolutely adored it. I’ve always been a big fan of Lego, so when I first watched the trailer for it I was really excited. The film did not disappoint. My favourite character had to be Batman voiced by Will Arnett, but also Vitruvius voiced by Morgan Freeman. After the film, my friend and I went to McDonald’s where I got a Happy Meal (I am aware that I am 21 years of age) and I got a Batman Lego cup. Day made? Day made. Yesterday, I went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday. It was really…

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    Worst Places to Go on a First Date

    As part of my OkC posts, here are some of the worst places to go on a first date courtesy of Amy. Here’s to hoping I don’t get taken to any of these places next week, haha. First date. Two words that will send shivers down the spine of even the most experienced (or drunkest) dater. ‘Where to go?’ is the question most would be obsessively panicking over. But what you should be thinking is the endlessly romantic ‘where NOT to go?’ It’s all good and well thinking about all the rose petals you could scatter over McDonald’s, but how are you going to disguise the ugly plastic seating covered…

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    Working Girl Problems

    It’s been a hectic few days and I’ve now come to realised how busy being a working girl is. Now that I have two jobs, I have to juggle between them – I am currently doing two days at Mutual Media and three days at Move Digital but it’s the travelling that is taxing on me. I have to travel quite far from where I live to get to these places. I just started working at MD yesterday , but I can tell the journey is going to kill me every time. It takes me about an hour, which in theory shouldn’t be bad, but I have to take a…

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    6 Things the Office Has Taught Me

    I recently started watching The Office (US version) and I’m already on season 5 and thinking, “Where has this been all my life?”. Here are some things that The Office has taught me, so far. 1. I’m never going to have a relationship as cute as Jim and Pam’s Really. Guys. Stop. 2. How to be a sassy black man with a big butt and an even bigger heart 3. How to get my priorities in order 4. How to create a blog 5. How to smack talk like a pro 6. How to appropriately deal with situations that give me the grumpies There’s no Wreck This Journal Wednesday this…

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    An Excerpt

    The air was still as a little girl walked hurriedly down the quiet street. She shouldn’t really be out at this time but if she was fast enough she could be in before the curfew police came around. She pulled her duffel coat tighter around her body, moving as fast as her little legs could carry her. The object that was hidden beneath her jacket felt like it was burning against her small chest. She knew she shouldn’t really have it on her possession and if she was found with it on her… she shuddered to think of the consequences. As she turned the corner, she nearly tripped over a…

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    Two City Girls

    Happy Sunday, everybody! Deux Ville Filles may not be grammatically correct and I apologise if we have offended any French people but Deux Ville Filles is a new blog that my best friend, Mutay, and I have started. It hasn’t officially opened yet but I’m very excited for it and wanted to blog about it. We’ll be blogging about anything and everything! It will be a log about our lives living in the city, but also keeping up with current events in the news, etc. I will post a link once we are up and running, but I hope my readers can support our endeavour. Lots of love :*

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    Light Weight? No Problem!

    When I first started drinking I probably should have gone to Nancy for advice… and she’s younger than me! Honestly, I’d like to think that I’m not that much of a light weight anymore but that would be telling a lie and I ain’t Pinocchio. Nancy writes about how you can control being a light weight by basically telling you to drink twice a week. I like her. 😛 (Is it bad that I used to not eat purposefully, so I could get drunk quicker? Don’t take tips from Auntie Chynna, guys.) Being light weight typically means that you can’t handle as much alcohol compared to the average Joe. Normally…