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Everyone loves a good fiesta, and what with Christmas coming up now is always a good reason to party. Instead of the usual mistletoe-tinsel-snow theme, why don’t you go for a carnival theme – something that will get you in the mood for summer. (Admittedly, I am more of a summer person, but Christmas is always still much fun (except for the cold))

Thanks to Thomas Cook Airlines, I was invited to their Blogger Bash at Barrio East in Shoreditch back in October and I honestly had the best time ever. Carnival is always something to look forward, especially around August time when London plays host to Notting Hill Carnival. The colourful costumes, good food and amazing music always puts me in party mode.

I was actually one of the last ones to arrive to the bash due to plans made before hand, but I still managed to get a hand in on the action. As soon as I stepped in, I had a cocktail in my hand and I was already using a hot glue gun to stick jewels onto my headddress.

Ahem, funny story. Turns out I was making my headdress upside down all along – but I still rocked that, anyway :3 There was lots of amazing food and I even got to make my own cocktail! It gets a bit blurry after a certain point in the night, but I had such fun hanging out with two lovely ladies; Olivia of and Charly of



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With Winter Sun destination Santa Cruz de Tenerife set to host their biggest Carnival to date in February 2016, Thomas Cook Airlines managed to give me a taste of the rich and colourful atmosphere that the annual festival has to offer its guests!

Unfortunately I missed out on the samba lessons, but at the end of the night there was a pinata and loads and loads of sweets. Can’t really go wrong!  

Getting ready to make my headdress!
Oh, the cocktails that were drank that night
Being taught how to make my own cocktail :3

Thank you so much to Thomas Cook Airlines and the wonderful Erica – I had an amazing time 🙂  

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  • Amy

    Wow, that sounds like such a cool event, and not just because of the cocktails. I’m tempted to sign up for a blogging network event thing (I have no idea what they’re called so this is my really bad attempt at naming them) but I doubt they’d do much near where I live anyway. Living near the capital must be so great.

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! I love your headdress!

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