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Brain Dump

I am having a brain dump kind of day. I need somewhere to put all the shit that is clogging up my mind.

I am having also having an advert viewing day. Trying to find my favourite adverts of 2013. Everything from Geico’s ‘Hump Day’ to Volvo Truck’s ‘The Epic Split’ has been seen by my ever-tired eyes. You guys should YouTube Poo~Pourri. I promise you won’t regret it.

Not sure how many adverts I’ve seen today.

Don’t you hate it when someone copies what you do? (The other intern is getting on my nerves, and if he sees this I don’t think I will care) (In saying that, I have ever so slightly turned my laptop to the right, so he can’t see) (He copied my lunch today of salad. Pissed out)

G-Dragon’s album ‘Coup D’Etat’ is actually amazing. Also, G-Dragon, in general, is just… pow.

I also ordered a yoga mat today. I also signed up for the free welcome pack from I would like to believe that I’m being serious about eating right, drinking more water and exercising more but we’ll see. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

It would be nice to have a bikini body, though. It would be nice to have a toned tummy. I mean – I have a sizeable booty and boobs. That would look so hot, not going to lie.

I think that I’m not going to be spending that much time with my friends in the upcoming months because I want to save all my money and go travelling. I have dreams of going to Boracay after somehow stumbling upon a blog about a man’s travels around the world. I might just be going to a music festival in Bilbao this year and hopefully, I’ll be going somewhere else with my friends.

Travel blogs make me jealous, there’s no denying. I know the only way that I will be able to travel is by saving my money constantly, but at the moment I don’t even know if I’ll have a permanent job by the end of January. Plus I have to start paying back my student loans in April. Plus I have loads of other bills piling up in front of me, which I instead choose to push aside and watch more TV. (To be fair, I am actually paying them – they just depress me)

I spent most of my Christmas break watching TV. That is not to say that I didn’t hang out with friends (I did) but I did spend the majority of it in bed, in my onesie, with my tea, with my laptop.

In less depressing news, my TV shows are back after a long break. I also started watching Sleepy Hollow, Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black, Scandal and Arrow. I am now a professional TV show junkie. I don’t need help.

I came up with a story idea yesterday, which I am going to fucking run with even if it kills me. I actually like the idea, but I always feel that once I think of something then the idea mill runs dry and then it’s just sitting there. I think this is partially because I don’t actually continue any plot development or character development once I come up with something. I just let it fester. Like mould.

Sorry, this blog post is a little bit jumpy but yeah, having a brain dump kind of day. Until next time.


  • leprakhauns

    I haven’t gotten into Arrow yet. I think I am going to wait and see if the Arrow/Flash shows tie into the Man of Steel universe like rumored.

    I hate having brain dump kind of days. There’s ways to fix the brain dumps though.

    • chynnashley

      Oooh, that would be interesting. Arrow is… okay. I mean it’s not bad, but it doesn’t have the oomph factor for me, yet. We’ll see what it brings us when it comes back.

  • Erin Nicole

    Good luck getting through your brain dump days. I hate those! Usually some TV and doing nothing all day (even barely eating) fixes those for me & If that doesn’t work I try to get the small things cluttering my brain out of the way and then starting on the bigger things one day at a time.

    Is your blog on Tumblr by chance? Just asking cause it uses Disqus which I personally LOVE. Haven’t had spam since I moved my blog over to Tumblr. 😀 Even with guest commenting enabled. 😛

    Good luck exercising. I’m trying to lose 50lbs but ugh. it isn’t going so well. I have been drinking more water but I stopped today cause I am tired of peeing twice every single freaking hour. Lol So annoying.

    Usually, when I am on YouTube I just watch Shane Dawson, Smosh, or people like that. I have gotten into searching it for technology stuff but there hasn’t been anything new yet that I don’t already know about. 🙁 So, I am bored with the stuff that is there. XD

    • chynnashley

      I’m doing right now – munching on Doritos and watching White Collar. I blame Netflix for my TV show addiction.

      My blog is on WordPress but I love Disqus so I installed it. I find it to be a much better commenting system 🙂

      Omg, I pee a ridiculous amount too because of how much water I’ve been drinking. I look silly always having to go to the toilet when I’m at work. I’m sure they must think there’s something wrong with my bladder.

      I’m really into mummy vloggers, atm. Babies are so cute.

      • Erin Nicole

        Same here. I would use WordPress if it weren’t for the fact that I am too lazy to update it and everything. Also, I’d have to re-convert my theme… Nu huh. I guess once I am ready for a new theme I could port over all of my posts and such but for now Tumblr just works and plus when my other sites are down my blog will (almost) always be up…so it just works for me. 😛 (plus since I’ve been hacked on my blog (and other sites) in the past, I don’t have to worry about that on Tumblr)

        My manager asked me a while back if I had bladder problems. Lol. I was just like “no I am trying to drink more water” Hahaha.

        I think I want to get into reading/watching how to take care of babies…I feel like I want to be versed in what I could possibly know from the WWW before I actually consider having children. Cause I want to have at least 2. 🙂

  • Kya

    That is the good thing about a blog, you can have a brain dumb and it’s a good thing. 😀

    Good luck with the yoga mat and exercising, that would be great to be comfortable and healthy, so I wish you luck with that.

    It would be awesome to travel, and sometimes it’s hard when there are things that block you. But you are working up to be able to reach a point, where you can get a good job and then do it maybe? 😀

    I loved watching Orange is the new black. 😀

    That is great that you came up with a good story! 😀 Even if your ideas run dry, if you have the main concept written down it can be something you come back to later, so you can win either way. 😀

    Brain dump, awaaaaaay.

    • chynnashley

      Exactly the reason I made a blog in the first place. 😀

      Thank you. I haven’t actually started but that’s probably being lazy, which isn’t really a good start. LOL.

      I’m hoping to have a permanent job by the end of January, so then I can start planning weekends away with my friends. I want to explore more of Europe seeing as I do live in it. Then maybe branch out and visit South Korea or Japan.

      OITNB is the beeeeesstttt.

  • Krystal

    I hate it when people copy, especially if it’s like your great idea you know!

    I’m trying to get better with exercise and eating this year. But I say that every year! It’s hard especially if you work or have school everyday. Even worse when living with parents. My mum hated when I said I don’t want to do this or that and just want to eat that. She couldn’t stand having to cook something different for me. Now that I’ve moved out, work life has taken over.

    • chynnashley

      Yah, I totally get it. I wanted to start a morning exercise routine but I don’t know if I can work up earlier than I already do. I’ll have to give it a go, though, if I’m serious about this 🙂 My mum doesn’t mind what I eat and I’m usually in charge in the kitchen, anyway. Haha

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