The Bloggers Hangout’s Tea Party

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Bloggers Hangout’s Tea Party!

Held in the Popup Patio in Finsbury Park on what was a lovely cool evening, loads of brands gathered together to show their wares. I had a lot of fun, and dragged my friend along to who I’m hoping will get into blogging some time soon because I’m always dragging her to events like these.

I didn’t visit all the brands because some of them were products with nuts, which I’m allergic too. Sucks, but  I’m sure those brands are pretty cool!

As soon as we arrived, I was immediately drawn to a chocolate sculpture of a middle finger. The Cocoa Den, set up by the lovely Kate Burton, is a company specialising in fun, beautiful and delicious chocolates, cakes, centre pieces and more, for special occasions and every day treats. She is so talented! I didn’t get to actually try her chocolate samples, because nuts, but my friend said they tasted absolutely delicious.

You can still like someone, but if they piss you off just send them this - ha.
You can still like someone, but if they piss you off just send them this – ha.
Cutest pineapple I ever did see.
Cutest pineapple I ever did see.

Afterward, I immediately made a beeline for Mead Hø because I’m an alcoholic and it’s definitely not a problem. Mead Hø is a delicious light, sweet honeyed beer – we got to try a sample, and I swear I would robbed the whole stall if no-one was watching. It doesn’t taste like beer at all, which is great if you’re not a big fan of beer.

You'll be able to find them at their market stall in London at Primrose Hill.
You’ll be able to find them at their market stall in London at Primrose Hill.

Also, they have pretty cool puns. “Catch mead if you can” “Hello? Is it mead you’re looking for?” Pahahahaha.

My favourite brand had to be Just Bee Drinks, who were kind enough to send me some of their newly branded drinks. It’s basically spring water enriched with a single drop of honey. A natural antioxidant & Less than 50 calories per carton.

Their drinks taste so refreshing, and they are best served chilled. You can find them in Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason. What’s cool is that they also sell wildflower seeds – plant them for lovely flowers AND to save the bees 🙂

They have new branding now! Definitely check it out.

There were several other brands we visited before leaving; here is a picture run down:

This stuff is so warming and tasty!
Drink Me Chai: This stuff is so warming and tasty!
Cold pressed matcha green tea drinks. Great way to boost your energy!
Modo: Cold pressed matcha green tea drinks. Great way to boost your energy!
It's basically fruit jerky!
Snact: It’s basically fruit jerky!

Oh, yes! How could I forget Bio-tiful Dairy? I’m not a big fan of milk, but this stuff is pure deliciousness in a bottle. Mostly because it tastes more like yoghurt – mmmm, so good. There are loads of health benefits from these drinks as well because they contain billions of live microorganisms (including Bifidobacterium) and are a source of a number of essential vitamins (including B2, B12) and minerals (including calcium, phosphorus). Here’s a cheeky photo of me drinking the delicious stuff.


I had a wonderful time, and it was awesome to try out different brands I’d never heard of!

Any gifts given to me from the event do not influence opinions or views of the brands. I will disclose conflicts of interest, affiliations, and personal agendas. I will not enter into favoured treatment to brands and ignore pressure to influence content or perspective. If I choose to make exceptions, I will disclose that.


  • Nancy

    Daaaamnnn Chynna! Back at it again with the bloggers hangout!

    It looks like you had tons of fun there. The chocolate sculpture with the middle finger looks awesome, lol! The pineapple looks really adorable ;).

    The drink looks really neat and sounds tasty! This reminds me of a pineapple beer that I tasted earlier. Hope you enjoy all of the goods that you got from the event ;).

  • Georgie

    Sounds awesome! I have to say that the Just Bee drinks sound really good, though from your description it makes me think they’re pretty easy to make yourself. 😉

    It’s a shame about the nuts. 🙁 As you know, my boyfriend is allergic to nuts so I’ve stopped eating them myself. It’s a shame because I eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan food, and they love, love, love putting nuts in those products. Not sure why, but I guess it is supposed to make things taste good. It would really suck to be vegan and allergic to nuts, I have concluded! (I’m pescetarian and lactose intolerant, which is why vegan works for me.)

    I have tried cold and chilled matcha but I like it hot! I am sure I just haven’t had a good chilled one yet. 😉

  • Cat

    haha, that middle finger sculpture is pretty funny. That’s neat that they make all of those out of chocolate.

    A light, sweet beer that doesn’t taste like beer? I’d like to try that! I’ve always had issues with the taste of beer, so I’ve turned to ciders instead. I also really like sweet drinks.

    I’m glad you had a good time! I’m jealous you have so many cool blogger events to go to!

  • Amy

    Those chocolate sculptures are great! I’d love to buy the middle finger for someone. I once went to Choccywoccydoodah in London (I cannot spells this) and they had loads of chocolate sculptures. I wish I had that kind of talent.

    It’s so cool that you got to try so many different things! I want some mead now!

    I’m not off to London Comic Con this year, unfortunately. It was over £500 for the hotel room last year, and I just can’t afford it this time. Going to be really jealous of all the people going when that weekend comes around though. I wish I lived closer to London, because it’s the best con I’ve ever been to. Hopefully next year!

  • Tara

    Niiice! The middle finger sculpture cracked me up badly XD The Just Bee drink sounds interesting, but really a single drop of honey? Huh. I’d definitely try it XD The cold-pressed matcha also sounds so good! I’d totally go for some of that!

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Chynna! Next time, take me! XD

  • Holly

    This sounds like a really interesting event. It’s a shame about your nut allergy stopping you from trying certain foods. The sculpted chocolate looks amazing!

    Tyrone recently bought some Mead but I find it way too sweet for my tastebuds. I love the smell though, haha!

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