Barrio Fiesta sa London 2014

It’s times like this that I’m so happy that I have Filipino blood running through my veins.

It’s more fun in the Philippines” is an understatement. Barrio Fiesta is a festival that will make you crave going to the Philippines so bad, you’ll be checking flight times on your phone whilst jamming to Sam Milby.

It just reminded me of my holiday to the Philippines, two years ago. How much fun I had, and how much food I ate, and how friendly Filipinos are. I’m planning to go back, next year. To be honest, I’m planning to go to a lot of places, next year. Isn’t that everybody’s plan?

10 minutes into Barrio Fiesta, and my mum, sister and I were already eating. I had dinuguan for the first time, which, for obvious reasons, always put me off when I was younger. I’m more appreciative of different dishes now, and it was actually so nice. I really want to try making it for myself. Lechon paksiw, pork menudo and lots and lots of rice filled my belly. Oh, and I can’t forget the delicious BBQ I had, as well.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have halo-halo and instead had bubble tea. Halo-halo is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not a big fan of ube. And all the halo-halo I found had ube. I only like ube as an ice cream flavour. Just so you know.

It was scorching hot, so around midday I obviously fell asleep in the sun. Side note: I had to undo the button to my jeans several times twice. The first teleserye from the Philippines I ever watched was My Girl, which featured Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson and Enchong Dee. Please believe that I died when Enchong Dee turned up, sang a boy band medley, and danced his cute butt off. I didn’t manage to film it, but I found this video on YouTube. Bae.

My other bae, Sam Milby, was just magical. Again, not my video.

Pokwang was also present, flirting with the security guard. Outrageous woman. She’s my spirit animal. I’m just extremely happy her last outfit was Darna’s.

(I’m so glad someone filmed everything)

When I go to Barrio Fiesta next year I’m definitely bringing a tent, so that I can chill. Also, Mutay is coming because even though she’s Nigerian, she’s basically Filipino as well.

It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines.


  • Michelle

    Oh wow, that’s a lot of photos, and looks like a blast.

    I love big events like that, and I love feeling proud of knowing where I came from. That’s why I always tell people I’m half hispanic and not just full white. My dad may of not been the best dad, but at least he gave me some culture to love.

    You’re quite beautiful 🙂

    • Chynna Ashley

      It’s always nice to have a little culture in you. Even if you don’t, it’s always good to expose yourself to it anyway 🙂

      Aw, thanks hunny!

  • Nancy

    I have a lot of Filipino friends and they know how to live! (including you XD). Hopefully you will be able to go to the Philippines next year :).

    Dinuguan is an interesting dish :o. I know pork blood is popular in some Asian dishes like Bun Bo Hue (some Viet noodle soup). I suppose we make use of everything XD. All of the food sounds delicious!

    Bubble tea is delicious! :D. Everyone at the festival looked like they’re having a great time! The BBQ looks nommy! I always wondered what they are because I always eat them when I get a chance except I just call it kabobs XD.

    • Chynna Ashley

      I just found out that Filipinos call them kabobs as well, but they prefer Filipino BBQ usage too. I think it’s pork. Whatever it is, the marinade is delicious and now I’m craving some more 😛

  • AnneMarie


    I really love that that DOT phrase is moving around globally. I hope people really buy into it and go visit the Philippines.

    Barrio fiestas are always really fun! I still refuse to try dinaguan though so props to you for going for it. I still am scarred by the fact my mom told me it was chocolate growing up. I think I still need a few more years before I can get over that one.

    And whaaaa? No halo halo? Ube is delicious. It’s like taro! But if you’re not into taro, I get it. It’s pretty sweet too. I LOVE halo halo. But if ube is not your thing and you want halo halo when you go to the PI, go to Razon’s. They don’t have ube ice cream and their halo halo is super simple (leche flan, shaved ice, evaporated milk, banana and macapuno) but DELICIOUS.

    Glad to hear you’ve had fun! Filipino sista’s unite. <3

    • Chynna Ashley

      I remember finding out about the whole “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” thing from YouTuber HappySlip. And then advertising for it started appearing on taxi cabs over here in London. My mum and I get really excited every time we see a taxi with the phrase on it 🙂

      I was never really exposed to dinuguan when I was younger and then when I got older I just turned my nose up at it because “Eeewwww, pig’s blood!”, until now. Hopefully you get to try it soon, because it really is delicious!

      Naaah, not really a fan of taro either. I’ll have the ube ice cream as a topping, but actual ube I say no too. Razon’s is definitely going on my life!

  • Sakura

    Yeah. Spending money on skincare that you can use for years is worth it. But I still feel a bit heartpain seeing so much money is gone. 🙁

    Glad that you enjoyed yourself at the fiesta. Nice to see so many photos at the event. The free ice cream must be delicious!

  • Merii-Beth

    My Girl was the show back when it was still on! That was the first one I had watched too and I was obsessed with it. You’re so lucky to have seen Enchong, I would have died if he ever came here to Toronto. We’re having a Fiesta ng Kalayaan today and Sam Milby will be there.. but Enchong would have been a better special guest haha.

    • Chynna Ashley

      Yaaaay! Another person who’s watched My Girl. I did get a bit annoyed when it dragged on for ages. Also, Julian’s ex-girlfriend was doing the most for ages D: Enchong is love <3

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