An Ode to Christmas Joy!

I should have started out on a more lighter post but due to the current decisions made by the British government my thoughts have turned into sour grapes, not the Merlot kind.

This time of year really makes us think about others but more often than not we make plans in our minds rather than in the physical. It is important to look past the decisions made by the minority for the majority and spread some love!

Spreading Christmas joy is easy! And it makes people around you feel better and more welcome. Here are a few of my thoughts on how to spread some joy this December, we can all benefit from challenging ourselves to do one of these things before the year is out.

1. Volunteer for a soup kitchen/homeless group
2. Donate old toys/books/clothes to a charity of choice
3. Buy your favourite colleague some lunch, Tesco meal deal is right up my street

I’ll be going with option two as I’ve finally got a bookshelf from ikea but I doubt my expansive amount of books will fully fit into the shelf. So I will be giving lots away!

Let me know how you spread love in this season to be jolly.


  • Joy

    A majority of my church made up of an older population who either have no family or their families have forgotten about them. Josh and I are the only young people of the congregation and we have so much respect and love for them that we are having a huge Christmas breakfast at our house on Christmas morning so that no one will be alone.

  • Jeanie

    For me, Im planning to give away Christmas cards I made to few friends. Im also planning to give away my old books as I dont have anymore space lol. Advance Merry Christmas to you dear!

  • Tara

    I’m trying to donate things to a couple of organisations I like and support, and I’ve donated some books to the local thrift shop already. I’m also trying to buy little things for friends. Like if I know you’re into chocolate, I’ll buy a small thing of chocolate for them to enjoy :3 Funnily enough, a lot of what I do is year-round, so I guess I like spreading that joy and cheer even when it’s not the hols! ^^

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