A Family Christmas Wish List

♫ Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine
Children singing Christian rhyme
With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice in the good that we see ♫

Okay, be honest. Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? ‘Cause I haven’t – and I am being so last minute this year because my trip to Paris in November completely wiped me out. Totally worth it, though.

I always find it difficult to shop for family because I always fall into the trap of buying them something similar that I bought them last year. My granddad already put in his request of no more slippers after I gave him slippers… for the third time in a row. ? 

It’s what happens when you happen to work in a shoe shop at the time. What can I say?

But I’ve been doing some research this year and I’ve compiled a list of potential things you could buy for your family members. Even the ones you don’t like… 

Personalised Dictionary Mum Cushion

Mum’s are secretly big headed when their children get them something off the hook for Christmas like a holiday or fancy jewellery. But the way young people can’t even afford to move out, who has money for a holiday? So, here’s the next best thing! I mean, it’s definitely different.

Full Day Paintballing for Two

Dad’s are the easiest to buy for, I swear. They’ll be entertained/amused/happy with anything you buy them – but what’s even better? You can get them something that will benefit you, as well. Make it about him, but really it’s an excuse for you let rip on your dad. Woop!

Also great for those spritely granddads – like mine. :3 Why not bring the whole family and going for paintballing for 8?!

Small Scottish Hamper

This is the sort of gift you give to the auntie or uncle that you don’t really speak to, but you can get it personalised so it looks like you made some effort. You get me?

3D Wall Light- Darth Vader

With Star Wars being released soon, this present makes me so much more excited. I would buy it for myself, honestly. But if you had a sibling or cousin who’s into Star Wars then this is the perfect gift! A crack wall sticker is even included. Eeep! You can also get BB-8, the Death Star and a Stormtrooper. 

So, tell me. What are you guys planning to get your family for Christmas?




  • Amy

    I’ve been buying rather random items lately and have just been collating them into groups. I’m pretty much buying things with a few people in mind and then choosing at the last minute who to give it to.

    I prefer finding items that are practical and have a use to them. Such as kitchen utensils, stationary, bath items or sometimes clothes and accessories for the ladies.

    I’m planning on making some DIY terrariums this year though 😀 I’ve already made one for my secret santa and she loved it 😀

  • Michelle

    I don’t really know. I wish I did, but ever since hitting my head, and being left clueless and spiritless for the holidays, I don’t know anymore, plus with the loss of my job I can’t afford any gift.

  • Nancy

    I’ve done a portion of my Christmas shopping XD. It’s okay, you have like 13 more days til Christmas hits so hurry hurry hurry and buy them gifts!

    I like all of the gifts you listed out for people. Especially the gift basket with all of the munchies! Those are the best because there is at least one thing the person will like XD. Though I do wish my dad is good enough to play paintball!

    I think all my mom want for Christmas is me getting straight A’s but that ain’t happening! She’s not really into material things no matter what I give her XD… Except I’m not baller enough to give her like $500 in cash @___@.

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