A Crafternoon with Hillarys


I’m not a particularly crafty person these days. I loved to draw when I was little and I actually liked to build little things. I remember we had a project in primary school to build a home with a shoebox. I painstakingly took the time to cut out the walls and make little beds, and use all the fabrics for the bedding and colouring in the walls. Give me a project like that now and I’ll just turn around and say, “Naaaaaah.” ?

When I received an email from Joe Blogs Network for #HillarysCrafternoon in honour of their new Jewel Collection, I couldn’t say no! The event took place in Drink, Shop & Do, which is somewhere my bf actually wanted to take me. I love the interior of Drink, Shop & Do – they had big party hats hanging from the ceiling and the main room is so bright and airy, you can immediately relax in there with a hot chocolate (or cocktail).


I was actually late because of bus diversions (typical Sunday transport with TFL), but as soon as I arrived I was greeted with a cup of tea and the most gorgeous red velvet cake I’ve ever eaten in my life. 

Cup of Earl Grey goes down a treat after you've been stuck in traffic
Cup of Earl Grey goes down a treat after you’ve been stuck in traffic

I was quickly brought up to speed with what we were doing that day. We were making our own jewellery boxes complete with sections for your necklaces, earrings or whatever you want to put in there. We had to choose our own fabric, and it was simply a case of using double sided tape (the actual devil when it comes to peeling it off) and making sure your corners are sharp as. 

After hmm’ing and ahh’ing forever over all the fabrics I finally settled and this is the finished product.



I had some difficulty with the inside and making the rolls to put rings, etc. that I eventually gave up because by that time it was time to make our Suffolk puffs. A Suffolk puff is simply a circle of material gathered in on itself to form a smaller, double thickness, puffier circle. I really had no idea what I was doing and actually stabbed my finger with the needle at one point, but I somehow managed to come up with a little hair slide, which I thought was quite cute.

My stitching was SO bad, though
My stitching was SO bad, though


I had a lot of fun with Hillarys and The Crafty Hen (our teachers for the day) learning how to make new things. I’m sure my mum would be proud of me for actually sewing something, as she’s a seamstress ? I think I’d definitely want to make more Suffolk puffs because you can use them for a variety of things.

Hillarys have launched their new range Jewel: The Edit, and took to the road to teach bloggers across the UK how to get crafty. You can read more about this here.

Thanks Hillarys, The Crafty Hen, Drink, Shop & Do and Joe Blogs Network for having me!



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