• Food & Drink

    Where To Eat in New York City

    New York City is my all-time favourite destination to write about when it comes to food. The city boasts of a rich culinary scene with countless restaurants, cafes, and food trucks that offer a wide variety of cuisines. Here is a comprehensive guide on where to eat in New York City! I'm always open to new recommendations and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your favourite spots in the comments below.

  • Travel

    A Guide to Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is a captivating city with endless possibilities for exploration and entertainment. With its diverse architecture and charming public squares, Amsterdam offers a plethora of experiences that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you're an art enthusiast looking to visit world-renowned museums or a foodie eager to sample the city's culinary delights, Amsterdam is sure to keep you engaged and delighted.

  • Food & Drink

    Afternoon Tea @ the Number Sixteen

    There's a charming and timeless appeal to afternoon tea that I find absolutely delightful. Perhaps it's the ritualistic aspect of it that I enjoy so much. For those seeking a budget-friendly afternoon tea option without compromising on elegance, I highly recommend checking out this place!

  • Things to do in London

    Hogwarts in the Snow

    If you're a Harry Potter enthusiast, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter is an absolute must-visit. Even after visiting four times, I still feel a sense of joy every time I go. Harry Potter will forever hold a special place in my heart and never get old. ❤️ Although it's best experienced in person, I'll do my best to summarise my favourite parts of the tour.

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    What To Do In The 6ix

    Toronto has a special place in my heart. As someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle of urban life, I could easily envision myself living and working in this vibrant city. Allow me to share my personal experiences in Toronto with you.

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    3 Days in Iceland

    Here's a brief summary of our trip to Iceland: it's definitely a chilly and pricey destination, but it's also undeniably stunning. While we had a mishap on our first night, overall the trip was incredible. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, we made the most of our time there and the breathtaking sights we saw made it all worthwhile.