2016 Reflection

I took the plunge and bought myself The Happiness Planner. It’s “a planner/journal that embraces the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development” and it’s something I am so excited to get started with. I also have my daily planner that Georgie got me for Christmas, so I will be making use of both of them this year.

Whilst on the website, I stumbled across free printables for 2016 reflection and 2017 planning and thought it would be a good idea to take some of the questions and turn them into a blog post! I only decided to do the 3-page printable, but I will definitely be doing the other ones for own personal files.

Describe 2016 in 3 words

Sebastian was right.

What were your happiest moments?

Definitely travelling to different places and experiencing new things, ex: eating snails and chicken/pork intestines. Intense stuff.

What new skills did you learn?

Patience. A lot of it. Where I work, I deal with angry customers everyday, so I’ve had to learn to be hella patient with them because “the customer is always right”. It’s a skill that I’ve learnt to apply in my personal life – certain people be testing my patience, but I’ve learnt to deal with it. It’s mostly a non-issue anyway and just me being a jerk. I really don’t like people.

What was your most common state?

Whew, hard one. Most of the year I’ve been happy… or well, just there. I’m not sure how to describe it really – I wasn’t overly happy, but I wasn’t sad. However, before I went away in November, I was stuck in a place that wasn’t good. It was depressing. I would look all around me and see everyone being happy and succeeding in life, and then I’d see myself and I wasn’t happy with were I was.

It made me mad/sad/have feelings I hadn’t ever experienced before within myself. Thankfully, I had my best friend to help me through these feelings and it was difficult for me to comprehend, I can’t lie. There are some days where I still get down, but it’s a matter of concentrating on myself and not on others. Find happiness within myself instead of trying to search for it in others.

What little things did you most enjoy doing?

Mainly hanging with friends. Connecting is a huge thing for me. I’m not sure if I’m right in saying this, but I feel like I’m an introvert: someone who is social in the right circumstances (ex: with people I’m comfortable with, when I’m not too tired, etc), and needs time alone to recharge and is thoughtful/process internally. Therefore, little things like hanging with friends made me extremely happy.

What qualities/habits did you strengthen?

I honestly don’t know! That is a hard one. I’ve definitely gotten into the habit of actually organising my life. My planner is my baby, and I actually only started using it back in July when I picked one up in Target whilst I was in Seattle. It’s honestly saved my life, though. I tried making reminders on my phone, and using different apps, but I’ve found writing things down suits me much better. Also, I get to use planner stickers, which are hella cute.

What new things did you discover about yourself?

I rely on finding a relationship to be happy. I never actually realised this until recently. I’ve had many failed relationships this year and I think it’s partly because I put too much of myself in something that I knew deep down was never going to go anywhere. It’s sad, but it’s something that I’ve come to terms with and that I’m working on – like I mentioned before: I need to find happiness within myself instead of trying to search for it in others.

Wow. It was kind of hard writing that down because you never really want to admit how much of a sad, desperate person you are. It’s something that needed to be written, though. Reflect and move on!

What did you do that go you out of your comfort zone?

Travel more by myself! This is the second year in which I’ve had the chance to travel more alone. Whilst I was in Seattle, I was essentially by myself for most of the trip because my family were working so I got to explore a whole new city by myself and it was amazing.

I also headed over to LA, and most of it was spent with Nancy but there was one night I got to spend by myself. It was a bit nerve wracking, as well, because I was in a city where I literally knew only ONE person and so walking the streets of LA was an eye opener. Not everyone is out to get you, and people can actually be friendly. Still… it always pays to be careful, especially if you are by yourself.

Did any negative events happen? How did you overcome them?

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a fucking shit show. Terror attacks, Brexit, police brutality, losses of David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, etc… oh, did I forget to mention that Trump is president now? These aren’t events that I can just overcome. Personally, nothing negative happened with me except perhaps being constantly rejected by guys – but that’s whatevs.

What and who are you most thankful for?

My best friend. If it weren’t for our recent monthly meet ups, I would have probably had a meltdown. I’m not very good at opening up about how I’m feeling IRL (super easy for me to write it all down, though!), so I’m so thankful I have someone who is always there and willing to listen to my woeful tales.

2016 wasn’t the greatest year for the world lets admit it. More downs than ups, but now we’re moving into 2017 let us try and be positive. I know for me, I will be concentrating on myself and working on myself to be a better person – personally and professionally.

My goal to become an author needs to happen sooner rather than later and I want to be happy in my professional career, as well. I’m not going to say the cliché that 2017 is my year, but I can certainly feel that it will be better than 2016.

Hey! Feel free to answer these questions yourself for your own reflection ☺

Happy New Year, babies ❤️


  • Tara

    Happy 2017, Chynna! Here’s to hoping it’s not a total hot mess as 2016 was (seriously, thinking back on it, this year was pretty effed up!). I think it’s good you learnt a lot of patience and that you need to find happiness within yourself instead of through relationships. Nothing wrong with being happy with your significant others, but I feel that we’d have to learn how to be happy with ourselves 🙂

    You certainly did do a lot of travelling! That bit about LA also caught my attention. I’ve been to places where I know NO ONE, but it didn’t leave me feeling off or anything. If anything, it felt relieving!

    Good luck with everything in 2017! <3

  • Becca

    Happy new year Chynna!

    HA! That Sebastian gif is pretty much the perfect way to describe 2016 for the world. What a mess. I really enjoyed reading and seeing all the pictures on instagram of all the places you’ve traveled! And you’ve been to so many cool places! Sooo jealous girl!

    Having a friend who you can be open and honest to about everything is priceless. I can’t imagine where I would be without my best friend, but I’m glad that you have that person who is always there and can talk things out with you. That is worth so much!

    I hope you have a wonderful 2017!!

  • Georgie

    Yayyyy I am glad you like the planner I got you! I thought, well, of course you wanted the other things, but the planner would certainly be the most useful, right? ?

    I think it is amazing that you have really worked on your patience. Kudos to you, girl. #RESPECT. So many salespeople are rude to the customer when you really should just be helping them! My mum (who works in retail) tells me that the customer is always right. A little goes a long way, so treating them nicely is much better than being just as bad as they are. Being nice and being PATIENT garners a less aggressive reaction even from an angry customer 🙂 I am glad this has spilled out into your life in general, though – patience is something I need to have with my family especially, and my mother, because our relationship dynamic is very off. ?

    It is hard writing and admitting that you have a flaw, but I’ve done it on several occasions and it feels good. You have to admit your flaws because sometimes that really only helps you to improve on them and be better. Plus, there is 100% nothing wrong with feeling “desperate” – I have personally been known to “need a man” to be happy. It’s difficult to get by just on your own and make yourself feel good about yourself because sometimes you need a pillar of support. And sometimes a partner is the perfect person to give you that, it’s not something that just a friend can do. Some people need romantic love, and not for selfish reasons, but because it helps them grow and makes them become a better person. *big hugs*

    I travelled by myself once in 2016! And I’ll tell you what, I want to do it again too!!!! 🙂 It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone because I had to do everything on my own. Not even one other person to help me make a decision. And the best part is that I got to make it what I wanted it to be ?

    Hugs and happy 2017!! ❤️

  • Nancy

    The Happiness Planner looks adorable!!! I love how posh it looks and the idea behind it. Your travelling is off the roof #goals.

    That whole “The customer is always right” is a good philosophy to follow for good customer service. But boy, some scrubs really abuse that privilege and test the employee’s patience. I’m happy that you have people around you who help keep your spirits up when you need them :).

    Planners are awesome. I try to have a cooler one every year XD. I’m glad I got to meet you! #ChynnaTakesOnTheWorld

    Hope 2017 will be a better year for us all!

  • Rezina

    LOL Sebastian. Yes, the human world is a mess. Although this last year makes it seem even more messier than normal.

    I think that it’s awesome you visited places by yourself. Not that I travel a lot but I feel like traveling by yourself versus traveling with others offers up a different experience. I think trying to do something out of your comfort zone is really difficult so kudos to you for doing something and finding out that you actually enjoyed it!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts in 2017 and Happy New Year!

  • Ivy

    I love planners and all things planners, but have not heard about The Happiness Planner. It seems great and looks beautiful! If I didn’t already have a planner, I would look into this one too!

    Traveling and seeing the world is always fun! Something that should also be added to my 2017-To-Dos. What was one place you liked the most while traveling?

    Patience is always a good skill to learn. It’s great to see people with patience. It kind of opens up a new perspective in life.

    I’m glad that you have a best friend in your life where you can meet monthly and catch-up. We all need that person in our life to help us and listen to us when we need to just talk. I’m glad you have that person.

    I hope your 2017 will be awesome! 🙂

  • Michelle

    The happiest was always my husband and my dog, Marley’s birthday. She turned 2 last Thanksgiving. <3 I am alive and fighting always for a better tomorrow and I will have it. I will obtain it!

  • Liz

    Happy new year! Sebastian is ?

    I used to need a relationship to make me happy. It’s hard to admit it to yourself, let alone to others. ?

    Happy new year. ???

  • Amy

    Haha, I love the GIF you’ve used. So true!

    Can relate to needing a relationship to be happy. I stayed in my previous relationship for over a year after I found out I’d been lied to. Then continued to stay even though the lies didn’t stop. I think I was convinced that I’d never find anyone, and I’d be alone forever and I didn’t really know who I was on my own. I’m lucky that I’m in a good healthy relationship now, but I definitely should work on making myself happy (while in a relationship, do I even make any sense ?) Good luck with that, I definitely know how difficult it is.

    I’m always so jealous that you visit so many different countries – I’ve literally never left the UK! Hope you get to travel loads more this year as well!

    Aww, I’m glad your best friend is there for you. It’s always nice to have someone you can talk to!

    Happy New Year!

  • Kya

    Such a great post and answering these questions is a really good way to observe different things that happened in 2016. I think it’s so fab that you are going to work on your relationship with yourself. 😀 Loving yourself is really important too.

  • Pauline

    I’ve been seeing the Happiness Planner all over the place recently! It looks like an awesome journal, I really like the idea! ?I’ve started 5-minute journaling every day and so far it’s going well! They help make me practise gratitude more often.

    I loved reading this post, the gif made me laugh. That’s pretty much 2016 summed up and Mariah’s performance, of course 😛 I really enjoyed following your travelling adventure over the year, it was awesome to see you grow from those experiences. I’m hoping to travel more this year to help build my confidence too. This year I’m going on a trip without my family (first time!!) but with a friend, it’s going to be scary but I can’t wait :’)

    Love yourself first definitely! That’s what I’ve been practising for months now and it’s definitely changed my mindset. I don’t like depending on guys especially to make me happy, I want to decide when I am! 😛 And girl, those boys do not know what they are missing. <3

    Looking forward to reading your blog this upcoming year! Add go to Sheffield in your list, I've got London 😉

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