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10 Fucks I Cannot Give in 2014

Warning: The word ‘fuck’ will be appearing a lot throughout this post, along with various other cuss words.

We’ve just entered the fourth month of this year, and I’ve already mentally written a list of 50 fucks I cannot give. However, for your sake, I’ve narrowed it down to 10 fucks I simply refuse to give this year. Je refuse. No puedo. Nope.

1. Pretending to be nice and friendly

I have a history of being nice to people who aren’t really that nice back. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be polite but I’m not going out of my own way to make someone feel comfortable just for them to be rude. If you piss me off, you will know. There shall be no more beating around the bush.

2. What I blog about

I’ve realised that there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to blog about, but I’ve held back – for no particular reason. It’s taken me a long time to realise that my blog is MINE, and that I can blog about whatever I want to. Who the fuck cares if it offends people? After all, freedom of speech. Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to start writing posts just to try and offend people.

3. Being single

Joining OkCupid has made me realise that I actually don’t mind being single. The dating scene can be such an emotionally draining place, and honestly, I can’t be arsed with that right now. Having said that, I will still go on dates, but I’m not going to be worried if they don’t go anywhere. Having a boyfriend shouldn’t be a priority, right now. I think your early twenties should be your selfish years – just think about yourself!

4. The music I listen to

So what if I still listen to ‘N Sync and The Backstreet Boys? I shouldn’t have to keep up with latest music just because it happens to be “in” right now. Let me stay in the 90s.

5. What I post on Facebook

There is so much shit I could post on Facebook that would probably offend the majority of my friends. This mostly includes the baby mamas, and I know if I post one thing they will jump all over it. Well, now I say this: WHO CARES? See number 2 about freedom of speech.

6. Swearing

I am aware that a lot of people don’t like swearing. I respect that! However, I will swear as much as I fucking want to and you shouldn’t preach to me about it. You can ask me politely if I would mind, but don’t come at me with a 3 foot essay about how swearing is obscene and unladylike. I will just look at you and say:

7. Getting a financially secure job

I’ve given up all hope that I will have a financially secure job within the next month like I hoped. If that happens, fucking rejoice to the high heavens! However, if it doesn’t, it isn’t the end of the world. I’ve realised that I’m extremely lucky to even have ONE job that pays in a field that I enjoy, no matter how shit the pay. I shouldn’t take that for granted, at all, and keep complaining all the time. There are many, many graduates who are still looking for jobs within their fields, and are therefore stuck in dead end jobs in retail. To them, I wish you luck. You’ll get through this – I promise.

8. Dating the wrong men

I’m not at an age where I should worry about dating the “wrong” men. I’m still young, and I’m still finding myself. If I go on a few dates with the wrong men, so what? I can learn from that and life will continue as usual. It’s not rocket science.

9. Obsessing over the little things

This is mostly whether I’m qualified/talented enough to apply for a job. When I first looked for internships to apply to last year, I skipped out on a lot of jobs because their requirements intimidated me. However, I think that I should just go for it if I like the sound of the job and I think can that *I* can do it despite their requirements.

10. Compromising on feelings

“Sometimes you compromise for a shit friend who is self-absorbed, self-centred, and selfish. Sometimes you compromise with people who might end up hurting you in the end.” Nope. No. Nein. Fuck that, I say. FUUUUUCK that. Unless you’ve earned my friendship over the years, then I am not compromising anything for you.

In my opinion, if you learn how to not give a fuck then you’re set for life. The number one thing you have to realise is that people are judging you right this second, but listen to this: it doesn’t matter. You don’t need everyone to like you – the only people who you should care about are yourself, your family and your close friends.

End scene.


  • Ashley

    I’m with you. It’s so annoying having to hold yourself back because it might offend someone (unless it’s pertaining to racism or anything along those lines), just do you!

  • Soph

    I think you’ve hit on some moral principles there which are pretty good. And if you keep your mind frame like that, you could end up being a lot happier in general. It is always really good to realise that sometimes things don’t matter as much as you first thought.

    Especially happy about the blog posts. I’ve always thought if we begin compromising our blogs, which you started as a place to escape from what it is suitable to say, to actually say whatever you feel like (obviously in a respectful way- but you’re pretty good at that), then we’re undermining the whole meaning of this thing for us. So post about what you want, my friend! 🙂 That’s what blogging is about.

    And as regards to being single. Obviously, I know nothing about people of a gentlemen-like quality. (Hahaha!) But I have no doubt that you’ll meet somebody who will discover how brilliant you are, and how strong a voice you have. So you shouldn’t worry, and you definitely shouldn’t compromise yourself for that. You’re brilliant, man! Haha 😀

    I think these a pretty good things not to care about. Hehe. Sophie approves. HA.

  • Nancy

    The song is so catchy, lol!! It’s okay, not giving a fuck about things will make your life easier. Sometimes, it’s not worth trying to please others because respect is a 2 way street. Both sides should be able to at least show some decency. I agree with you about how you should be able to post whatever you want because it’s ultimately your blog. Especially if your posts have general content stuff that doesn’t purposely stir up a fight. You’re fine~. Even I know some people IRL who follows my blog and that doesn’t stop me from posting what I want.

    You have a point about being selfish for yourself first. Even though I’m in a relat. right now, I kind of wished that I went raving at least once in a tutu and maybe a beaded bra when my status permitted it, haha. I probably could still do it now but the guy-mobs :(.

    Cursing is kind of in my nature too, haha so I feel you about that. I have been told I am unladylike a handful of times and I’m like, “ok.” So forget the haters and swear as you please (except for interviews… maybe when you get locked into the job, sure XD). And there’s plenty of time to get into that financially secured job. I know of a few people who are almost 30 who are still trying to get their feet in the game. Enjoy what you have now because you’re always in a better position somehow!

    And sometimes, character overpowers requirements. It’s better to apply and find out than sit and wonder :). Maybe a lot of regrets can be saved if you don’t compromise. You’re who you are and don’t let people change that unless it’s for the better. 😀

  • Amy

    Totally agree with most of these. You shouldn’t have to worry about what you post or say unless it will really screw you over. Example, partying photos when a potential employer can see them on your Facebook. Errrr >.>

    You should have fun when you’re in your young twenties, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. It’s also your choice if you want to settle down so it’s up to you 🙂

    Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of 2014!

  • Sandy Nene

    I also hate and tired trying to be nice to people, also – people have always questioned what I blog about, which is annoying.

    Haha, this list is really cool – I relate 🙂

  • Sammy

    You and I could definitely be twins with this post. I could not give two fucks (or so) on what I post on Facebook and people not liking it, and what I blog about isn’t going to be held back any further. I also hesitated last year because my family knows about my blog (and my grandma reads every entry I post, lol, oh well) but this year? No fucks. I’m glad you’re doing the same with that!

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